Cheers to Senior Year

First week of Senior year. COMPLETED. Today is wednesday (if were getting techinical its actually thursday) BUT.

I DID IT! Made it through the first week of classes, I would have liked to blog much sooner, but I did not ;(

Now I have a whole weeks WORTH! of Blogging.

First I will start with suite 351. Meggy MOO is my room mate for the first time in our college career even though we have basically lived together since we were freshman. Ash and Steph live in the other double, and they have lived in suite 351 previously, this will be their third year. Meghan also lived in 351 last year so I am the only newbie!

My schedule this year kinda really sucks: It goes like this:

Mondays: -I actually enjoy my mondays, and my lab isnt too bad so far, however my biology class is horrible, the professor  has an russian accent, and I am sanwhiched between two DHS people after expressing how excited I was to go to a class outside my major where I could meet new people, I end up at DHS.

Biology 11:15- 12:05
Bio Lab 1:50-3:40

Tuesdays:  These arent so bad either, my clinical is with Dr. Miller, who is also my advisor,and I have had her like a thousand times.

Developmental Psych- 11-12:15
Clinical Procedures 2-4:40

Wednesdays: HORRILBE. I have a huge break in which I wait around all day, waste the day away waiting for my night class, which then I have to sit through the night for. My neurology class is ALSO with Dr. Miller

Biology 11:15- 12:05
Neuorology 4:45-725

Thursdays:  I am enjoying my audiology class so far, and its with a professor that I havetn had before and my developmental pysch professor isnt too bad, its just a long class.

Developmental Psych- 11-12:15
Audiology 4:45-7:25

Fridays: Usually by the time I am really sick of going to this class so much, I hate going three times a week for 55 minutes, and I cant tell if its conveint only having this class on friday, or highly incovient, but the rest of the semester will decide that for me.

Biology 11:15- 12:05

Just typing my schedule was exhausting, an hour an 21 minutes left of this god awful shift.

So the first few days back at BSC all it did was rain, and that was really depressing, they canceled the Boyden cookout, which is ONE OF MY FAVORITE BSC THINGS EVER. Freshman year I remember saying wow I cant wait till I am senior, and I come to this and know everybody. I was really upset it was canceled. Still not over it.

The suite is coming along and we are finally decorating it, and putting together, me and meghans room however is a different story, were being kinda lazy and were still working on it.

We have been really hooked on watching American Dreams, a show I got on DVD but watied for until I lived with Meghan so we could watch together becuase I knew she would love it, and SHE DOES :)

Were adjusting to life at BSC just like all the rest of the freshman, It seems like the school is very over populated this year, maybe its because people havent gotten into the routines of things, but Crimson the dining hall is always really crowded, hard to find a table, and backed up.

Meghan, and I went out last week for my first thursday expierence at bridgewater. WE went to Mee-king with Chelsea, Mike, Frankie Ashley, Sheldon, Corey. It was fun I had my first scorpion bowl, and then we went to BOGARTS AFTER. Bogarts is a bar that is basically on campus it is so close, and EVERYONE talks about BOGARTS. I was so happy to FINALLY be able to go since this is my first time being in bridgewater as a legal achohol drinker :) and I was DISSAPOINTED! HAHAHA! WAsnt anything really special, and I find things never compare to downtown.

This is all I have the patience for, Monday night hopefully I can get some more serious blogging in. But today is officially thursday! Going out tonight. CHEERS TO SENIOR YEAR.

Seniors 1-2 What it do?

Imade up that title, class saying all by myself today, pretty proud of it, 1,2 what it do!

I’ve got a case of the back to school Blues.

I have realized  how much I myself enjoyed my California Blog, and how others enjoyed it so and I felt a real void in my life, not blogging everyday so I thought to myself what could I do?

I could make a new Blog, but what would it be about? This decision was easy.

Rewind Freshman Year. First Day. It was almost like a broken record “Its going to go by so fast” “Blink and you’ll be graduating” “Before you even know if you will be a Senior”

Fast Forward: Play: Its my Senior year, and I am freaking out a little bit. Time does go by fast. WHY? Nobody knows, time is a very hard thing to grasp. As I sit here at work at my 11-3 am shift, feels like the shift has been three years already. But why does my BSC experience feel like 3 seconds?

I really want to remember everything about this crazy experience. Everything about this year will be different, its happening for the last time. I am opening a new chapter into my life very soon. I may or may not be applying to Grad School, my class load is heavier than its ever been in years past, and my stress level is through the roof.

Three once a week classes, and two of those being at night. Which means Lindsey spending 2 hours and fourty minutes inside, learning, at night, doesnt make me happy. On top the 11-3 am shifts, I have twice a week in Crimson and Miles. All of this will equal a recipe for an interesting semester.