Seniors 1-2 What it do?

Imade up that title, class saying all by myself today, pretty proud of it, 1,2 what it do!

I’ve got a case of the back to school Blues.

I have realized  how much I myself enjoyed my California Blog, and how others enjoyed it so and I felt a real void in my life, not blogging everyday so I thought to myself what could I do?

I could make a new Blog, but what would it be about? This decision was easy.

Rewind Freshman Year. First Day. It was almost like a broken record “Its going to go by so fast” “Blink and you’ll be graduating” “Before you even know if you will be a Senior”

Fast Forward: Play: Its my Senior year, and I am freaking out a little bit. Time does go by fast. WHY? Nobody knows, time is a very hard thing to grasp. As I sit here at work at my 11-3 am shift, feels like the shift has been three years already. But why does my BSC experience feel like 3 seconds?

I really want to remember everything about this crazy experience. Everything about this year will be different, its happening for the last time. I am opening a new chapter into my life very soon. I may or may not be applying to Grad School, my class load is heavier than its ever been in years past, and my stress level is through the roof.

Three once a week classes, and two of those being at night. Which means Lindsey spending 2 hours and fourty minutes inside, learning, at night, doesnt make me happy. On top the 11-3 am shifts, I have twice a week in Crimson and Miles. All of this will equal a recipe for an interesting semester.


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