First Week Recap

So Here I am, my second night of work in Miles, but my techinally my fourth night of actual work and I am reflecting back on my past week!

This semester was so odd for me becuase I have some sort of new perspective on it all. Like I was excited to start classes, I didnt have that anxiety feeling, it was like it was freshman year all over and I was excited to start class.

My second day of classes was awesome. I went to ballroom dance! and SURPRISE Monika was in my class! and Kaiya ( but not for long becuase she couldnt add in but it was nice to have her there for the first day)

As Kaiya and I scanned the room we realized that there were many patners we did not want to be paired with. Such as The kid with one arm.. or the kid who I call hobbit, because hes a little tiny 4 foot gay thing who lookslike he came straight out of lord of the rings, and another little tiny man ( who is very nice but how is he supposed to turn me if he is 4 feet tall?)  So of course the first few partners we get is  those men.. hahaha or boys. So that was an expierence, the class is really fun and we learned the meringue, and this week we leanred the Waltz (which i previously learned from California dance class)  At the end of class of coure kaiya was BF’s professor and we got a ride over to her next class in her car because we had her for creative dance! hahaha! Creative dance is so fun we do so many cool activites and I love it so much!!!

This weekend Friday went to applebees to visit AShcow at work and saturday was her PARTY BUS!!

But FIRST saturday day class. What a fiasco, I have that saturday class with ash and MY ALARM DIDNT GO OFF. Now for those of you who know me, I am NOT late to class, Ash comes knocking on my door at 955, and class it at 10 am I panic put everything I can and run over. The professor was such  A WITCH, she told us we had to be mature adult learners and no excuse for being late. But then she went on to say that we will no longer be meeting on saturdays and the entire class is online YES WIN. YES YES.
Then it was Ashleys Party bus time! Today was also first BSC snowfall so we had to shovel out our cars, but I ran back got dressed and we hopped on the party bus up to Boston to go to club Guilt.  It was fun but we were over the Club pretty shortly after that. the bus took us to 711 and I had a blast doing that. hahaha. We had lots of funny quotes through out the night, and we had to walk home from hooper streeet, so that was a cold night walk and we got back right at 3 am.

Sunday was a great day because Ash and ASh and I went to REgina Russells Tea Room in Quincy to have our Tarrot cards read. I have never had anything done like this so I was very interested/ anxious.

She told me some great things and I love dher alot, I cant share it all on here but I can share the gist of what happened:

-I am going to go to grad school when I am thirty-

-I will have troubles ahead, and cry over them but not my own troubles, just crying because I take on everyone elses worries

-Someone in Richies family will be ill soon

-She beleived that I may have a gluten allergy that is attacking my immune system and this is why I am unable to fight these things off. So starting Feb first I am going to try going Gluten Free!

-My grandparents are very much with me, becuase I am open to their spirits, and i see signs from them ( so true)

-My new look on life how I have been thankful for everything that I have received lately is the reason why good things keep coming to me!

She also said I have alot of Love in my cards and she had never seen that much love, so thats cool!

Now I wait and see if it comes true!

So the next week in school was when REALITY HITS. No more FUN classes time for COMM D Lindsey!

LAnguage disorders, not my usual crew of my COMMD girls because most people took it junior year, and i missed it so I am with the younger crowd.. and hating it.

Aural Rehab with the good old ciocci master. is GOOD! Mostly becuase its my usual group and literally know every single person in class. I missed that feeling about college from high school, knowing everyone in your classes.  So its back to real work, I cant just dance all the time I guess :(

ALSO Thursday I auditioned for POPS :)

I was ticked because the kolbecks are in it. WILL THEY EVER NOT FOLLOW ME? But the audtion process was much different as a big bad senior haha. My frriends are cheorographers so I got put into their dances.

Janet Jackson- All for you

Switchfoot- Dare you to move

Snoop- Drop it like its hawtttt

Senior closing song is time of my life, AWESOME and senior opening song is PARTY ROCK WHOOOT.

So I am looking forward to the next pops (tomorrow)!

Fun weekend ahead, Richie is visiting!

Also I got Jay Leno tickets for California!! ahahaha! I am so excited! I hope it works out, we will figure it out!

More Great news: Pam is having  A BOY!

Morer Great news: I got an A- in my winter class!!!


WOW. So I can’t believe that I havent posted since, the beginning of the semester last year. But when I look back on my semester I understand why I didn’t. I used to be such a good little blogger.

So, Here I am second night of work on this semester and realizing that I have not seen my boss since Fall of 2010, isn’t this a crazy job?

So Second semester has begun and I started my first day of classes. I had one class and it was dance appreciation.. OHH SENIOR YEAR IS SO TOUGH. But before I begin this semester obviously need to rewind to last semester.


We went out a bunch at the beginning of the semester, and that was lots of fun, but then the work loaded on, and that didn’t happen any longer. Funny thing is I got a boyfriend this semester, something I never thought would happen…hahaha. His name is Corey, we got to know each other through frank, and going out on thursdays.- Also became friends with Ari again so we all are a bit happier.- She is currently doing the Disney Internship program! Go her!!!

In October I got strep throat, so that was pretty rough. Missed some stuff. My throat never healed and exactly a month later. BAM Diagnosed with MONO, I was home for two weeks, missed thanksgiving, made a trip to the ER found out I Was allergic to rosefyn, or however it is spelled, never been sicker in my life, Didnt eat for one week, and lost around 15 pounds.

Finals were rough, thought I was gonna fail Bio PASSED WITH A C. HOW NUTS. Made some new great friends, Kaiya and I became so close, because we were in THREE  COMD classes together.

Here is my schedule for this semester P.S I took a winter online course, turns out it wasnt as bad as I thought.

Latin American People/Culture- Online except for four saturdays out of the month

Dance Appreciation- Should be nice

Language Disorders in Children- An Actual real class

Aural Rehabilitation- Another actual real class, supposed to be hard

Creative Dance I- can’t wait

Ballroom Dance (Women)- 1 credit

Pilates- 1 credit

Movement Relaxation- 1 credit

So you may be wondering what is up with this schedule but My California Credits aren’t transferring properly SO THEREFOR, I may not graduate on time, and I am trying to bulk up on as many classes as I can because it is really important to me to graduate in May with my fellow class mates :)

I need to find out soon what is going on with that, but it is very hard for me to face the truth or not.

I have a new found excitement for this semester, I am excited for all my classes. I dont think I Am realizing the work load or the fact that I am taking two COMD classes,  I keep thinking its gonna be a breeze, but thats not the case.. haha I will be dissapointed when I come to the realization.

POPS dance starts tomorrow, and I can’t WAIT! Since I missed junior year, this will be great. Nervous for try outs, why? who knows?

Still living with the same room mates, and were getting along great.

Heres the realization that its Senior Year. A majority of my friends have been applying to grad school/ taking GRE’s, other stuff like that. I am choosing to put off Grad School. Mostly because I dont think I will get in. I am really hoping I dont regret this later in life and have to be one of those mom students that I see in my classes.

Also, Meghan and Ash have INTERNSHIPS! ASH will be very busy this semester with internships and she is also taking on a job! Working! Meghan internships will be on weekends so I am nervous I will see her very little. this Weekend I will be savoring because it will probably be the only weekend she’s at school.

This weekend Ash is going to have a party bus, but people are already backing out so I am nervous for her, I hope it all works out, it should be alot of fun.

I actually have FUN plans this spring break. I am going BACK TO CALIFORNIA :) Flying into LA ! with morgan!!! Meeting up with Monica, and spending the rest of the week in Monterey. Absolute HEAVEN!

Jay is on Sea-term at MMA and I miss him lots, but he will be home in February!

Pam is pregnant and is due in June!!!! CAN’T WAIT!

SO overall I have a really positive outlook on this semester and I am going to cherish every second, LIKE ITS MY LAST ( I really HOPE it is)

Slowly realizing that his break was my last break almost ever. no more summer vacations or winter vacations in-less I work in the school system, which I am hoping for!  Real World is coming frighteningly closer by the day hour minute seconds!!!