So.. its April, and I dont want to talk about it. You know why? Because at the end of this month, I will have my LDOC. In College lingo that means last day of classes. hahaha. So if this month would just put its self on pause, I think it would work well for everyone. So everyone Lets not get to the end of April, because at the end of this month there is a very SCARY SCARY thing happening

That reminded me of my FAVORITE childhood book ever, called The monster at the end of this book.

Anywho, I am writing this because I am up EARLY. WHY? Because its POPS TECH WEEK. THE SHOW. IS. TOMORROW. & I havent been able to sleep all week.
This pops has been the most stressful one yet. It was so hard for me to learn my dances, and I still dont know them that well. I am such a perfectionist performer, and I HATE. when I make a mistake on stage, like the DVD will forever haunt me if I kick on 5 and everyone else is kicking on count 6.

Did I really only write in January? This semester is WHIRLING BY ME.  All of my classes have been great I cant complain.

I dropped pilates to take ballroom 2. Such a great decision. Although the class is smaller, but it is lots of fun to learn more complicated steps.

I have pops tonight and kelsey is about to arrive. So i should finish up this post. I am SO EXCITED FOR POPS cant wait to see everyone!

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