Stop this Train, I cant take the speed its moving in.


Except time wont stop. MAKE IT STOP! Won’t somebody stop this train?

I just had one of the best days at BSC in a long time. Actually has potential to be the best time ever.

Why? because it was SpringFest thats why!

But First lets Discuss April. POPS went great, and Erik, Rachel Richie and Kels came from home and everyone went out afterwords and it was great fun. Also Vavo, mom dad christine cathleen and carly were other loyal fans at my show. Meghan and Ash decorated the room for me when I got back so that was super cool/ fun. Great Room mates. Even though Meghan and I are still separated because we sleep separate because I still have not gotten my Tonsils out. ( may 30th).

Classes are going smoothly a lot of presentations coming up that I am procrastinating from so this is why I am updating my blog.

So Spring Fest was just so much fun. It was a perfect day with little to no drama and perfect weather conditions, and just the right amount of achohol, and perfect matching Tee Shirts.

Ashcow made our shirts, so we all had them. we started off in the room getting ready and then we headed over to the FH house and just watched people play dizzy bat. Heading over to LAX game and stuck around the tail gate, and then from there went to the red house, where Meghan met back up with us, and this is when the party STARTED.

Basically your typical outdoor spring fest party, beer and douche bags everywhere sloppy people falling over puking, peeing, crying, laughing. it was just… college. All details of this party can be seen in the senior video.

From there we walked to east to eat food and caused a ruckus all over campus went back to the room to REcoup, where Chris Rouse was also recouping, but I told him that he hadnt even cooped yet so there was no way he could REcoup. we headed out back to FH house, where we watched ashcow funnel her first beer, then promptly throw up afterwards. WE then headed out to some frat house of which I cant spell the name becuase I have no interest in greek life or greek letters. But it smelt like vagina, so we left and found a huge Yard house party and it was awesome. so awesome. I found a connect card in the grass and a blackberry, those were returned, and meghan stole matches for the memory. I also took it upon myself to tell all the boys not to pee on the side of the shed because there was a cop hiding out in the woods. People were peeing literally every minute. Walked to bogarts and when it for a solid three minutes, couldnt move, the floor was flooded with beer, and it was gross. Walked home and DOTTIE the freshman security guard from SHEA DURGS was in Crimson, like is that real? Meghan said that was the defintion of SHE WOULD.

I went and sat outside with Ash Pags then came back and went to bed. I cant even put into words how fun SpringFest was it was just a great memory in my college career and is it making it that much harder to leave.

Ive been thinking about lately how past three years I would count down the days to the end of the year. Couldnt wait for summer and classes to be over with. Now I want to kick myself I also want to kick underclassmen who say they cant wait for the year to be over.

Real World is not anywhere I want to be, and I have no idea what I want to too. Many of my friends from home are not graduating this year and it wil be tough to be the only one trying to be in the real world. I have two plans when I graduate, tonsils out and the color run. (which all of 351 and ash pags wil be participating in).

But it is time for bed, and this is how much of my posts end… abruptly.

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