Book Critique- Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I just finished reading two novels and I wanted to share!! I generally only read novels in the summer, because I just cant reason with reading books for pleasure during the school year when I should be reading for school. Now that I am no longer in school I guess I can just read whenever, wherever for the REST OF MY LIFE. scary.

Something Borrowed and Something Blue!

So Something Borrowed was a GREAT. book, I loved the characters, and it was easy to connect to the main character Rachel. It is about a girl who falls in love with her best friends Fiance. If anyone is looking for a good summer read this is a great one. I watched the movie right after reading the book, and was bummed. You couldn’t really understand the love between Rachel and her best friends fiance, why they were so in love, or why they thought it was okay to have this affair. You also really couldn’t understand the relationship between Rachel and her best friend and why on earth they were still friends.

For Something Blue I was excited because it was the story from Rachel’s Best friends point of view, life after the affair, and life after she found out. At first I was pretty annoyed because is a larger than life character, and her feelings were really hard for me to relate to. She begins making changes for the better, and her life changes pretty drastically, and watching the changes unfold makes the story so great, but these changes take a while so the beginning of the book I wasn’t really into.

I am now reading Baby Proof, which is actually not with the same characters and I was really bummed about that. But so far its going alright and I will post about it when I finish!


Recycled Dress- No Sew!

Today my Kids were sick, which is fun because I have had a wicked stomach ache since yesterday so I didn’t have to go to work! Perfect rainy day to get a few of my crafts done.

One day when I went over my friend was cleaning out her closet and giving me old clothes she didn’t anymore, we are completely different sizes, and I am about a foot taller than her. So most of the clothes were tight, and didn’t fit right but I decided I would make them work.

She had this one striped white and black dress that I loved, because I have a very odd obsession with stripes, however the dress was WAY to short. like showing my vag. so why not make it a shirt!?

I dont sew, I have a sewing friend and his name is Hem Tape.

So here is how I made a cute shirt basically for free and took very little time:

I put on the dress and folded it up to the length I wanted to be when I cut it, and now remember I am not technical at all. I took the nearest thing I had that was long, which happened to be a mirror, and made a mark on the hand held mirror and then took off the dress.

I layed out the dress and cut the bottom of the dress off but using my hand mirror measurement. strange. i know. but use what ya got. I cut straight across then heated up the iron and hem tape.

I guess the true way you use hem tape is laying across the entire piece of material you are working with. However I cut it in segments, because that much tape is not necessary to make it stick. How you use hem tape is you cut the tape, iron for about two seconds, and then peel off the paper. After the paper is peeled, you fold where you want it hemmed, and iron over it, and this bonds the two sides.

I ended up cutting the skirt on either side, that way it was like two halves, and easier to hem, I didnt have to do a perfect one all the way around, just worked with front and back. So the bottom has a very small taper on it. To hem I just kinda guess and fold it over, I dont pin or anything, because generally with a hem you cant tell if its crooked. It came out pretty even and looking great, can’t wait to wear my new shirt!!


Budget book

My best friend is moving out on his own for the first time. (besides moving away to college and living in dorms because everyone knows that isn’t real world/ real life). He is going to college but living in a rental house. I was thinking of an easy way of budgeting money and I saw this on pinterest. A handmade budget book that was made of a binder and some clear protective sleeves. I made a few adjustments on mine. I knew this would work well for him because he is a waiter and gets paid in cash every night. So it would be easy for him to come home at night and add his cash into it.

I didn’t buy the sleeves my grandmother had some left over that I bought. I decided to add papers in the sleeves and color code them.

At the beginning of the book is the weekly costs in blue. Such as groceries and gas. I wrote weekly on the paper and the due date at the bottom.

On the top of the clear sleeve I labeled it saying the title ( groceries or gas) and then a box with how much money should be placed inside. Clear sleeves are such a great idea because you can see how much is in each page and what’s its for.

The next color was color coded monthly. This was labeled with orange papers. Monthly was wrote at the top and due date on the bottom. On top of the clear sleeves was things such as rent and cell phone.

At the end of the book I labeled sections with white paper. These were costs that were not frequent. I came up with a fun sleeve, where everytime the book was opened he has to put ten dollars in it for something fun. I also did a clothes shopping folder where extra money goes after all other folders are full to minimize spending excess on clothes, a emergency fund, and the last is savings for his next semester costs, books tuition and such!


I hope he uses it!


Perfect summer day!!

Summer is coming to a close, and this makes me incredibly depressed. Trying to live up my last few days and squeeze in as many summer activities as possible.

Saturday night I went to the fray and Kelly clarkson concert with my best friend. Had fro yo and then went to some place called like 10149 or something and it was pretty expensive but there was a happy hour going on and we got FOUR appetizers they were all five dollars, and we felt like the fat king and queen who just have course after course brought to them.

We then drove to the concert which was at the Comcast center in Mansfield and I loved that venue. All outside but some parts are covered. Carolina liar opened and they were really really good. I need to download more of their songs. Before the concert i downloaded the set list in order and put it on my iPod so we could listen to the whole concert all the way there. All of the sudden Kelly clarkson was on stage and she did so great. It was so cool to actually see people who could perform live. The fray which I think was my favorite of the night was also great. They played such amazing songs!

After the concert we ate left over pizza in traffic and stopped at the 24 hour Walmart on the way home the one I used to frequent in college because it was right next to my school. That made me a bit nostalgic.

The next day I went sailing with my uncle. What is so special about sailing with my uncle is that he got this boat for free and fixed it up over the course of a year and made it sail-able. So not every trip is a perfect sail, but it’s ALWAYS an adventure.

This was the first time that I was going to sail, previously I had only sat in the harbor. Sailing today was my uncle joe, cousins Paul and christine and their friend Tony. We set out to catch the 3pm bridge it only opens every hour on the hour, and we made it! Out on the open sea we sailed along perfectly, I was very afraid of sea sickness, but it never happened. We sailed by the local town beach and waved to my parents who were just specs on the beach. We decided to swim!! No need to anchor we just wanted to jump in. I was SO afraid to jump in for some reason, maybe it was the recent great white shark attack or the fact that I just watched shark week, but after two tries I JUMPED IN. when I was mid air it was the best feeling knowing that I was about to do it!! We got up on the boat and jumped again, and this time did a lap around the boat, which sounds easy but was so hard because the boat is very long and was not anchored. Their friend tony slipped and fell on the boat and when ever i think about how he almost went overboard I laugh out loud. We ate lunch and headed back to shore and made the 6 o clock bridge back.

Came home and had pizza at the house with the kids and then headed out to get ice cream with Bertha. I wanted to go to this one place because I saw caramel caribou cookie dough on the menu once. It is 3.99 just for a small..pretty disgusting considering in high school me and berths frequented dock side for dollar cones of cotton candy ice cream. But I knew it was too good to be true when the ice cream HAD NO COOKIE DOUGH. I went up and asked where the cookie dough was hahaha and she said there is two kinds and she would give me a scoop of the other one.. She gave me PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL..I hate peanut butter so this was just bad all around. Decided to save the night by going to Pam’s hotel to swim in the pool…one of my favorite activities.

I now have now have one full week of work left and then off to finding a real world job…..



Jolly Rancher Lollipops!

So fun! So easy! Great Kids activity, and we dont have to tell the kids there are already Jolly Rancher Lollipops being sold. hahaha.

  • One Bag of Jolly Ranchers
  • One Bag of Lollipop Sticks (doesn’t matter length)
  • Parchment Paper

Go ahead and line your cookie sheet with jolly ranchers! Arrange in clusters of threes, lined up. Any Color, you can do two. but the three lollipops are big and fun! Its fun to make color and flavor combinations. So be creative!

Throw them in the oven for 200 degrees for five minutes. They melt pretty quick, once you take them out stick on the stick, and you can even rotate it to ensure that it sticks.

Let cool and enjoy!

Easy clean up too!




Fresh Healthy Bean Salsa

This is a great Salsa Recipe,  I think this recipe came from my Aunt Rosemary, but my mom has been making it for years, and not sure where my Aunt got it from, but its a great recipe and should be shared!

Nothing about this recipe is technical, because nothing in life should be. I have no exact measurements, and this whole recipe can be altered on what you like and what you don’t like, so let me know they way you make it, or like it!

Fresh Salsa:

Heres what I used on my latest batch, and it was a HUGE one. If you only cooking for a family, make half of this, but if your taking it to a party use these measurements.

  • 2 Cans of Black Beans ( you could use white or red as well)
  • 1 Can of Whole Sweet Corn
  • Half of Green Pepper
  • Half of Red Pepper
  • 1/4 of a Sweet Onion
  • One Bunch of Fresh Cilantro
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • Juice of One Lime
  • Salt
  • Pepper

First Rinse Beans and Corns and place in your bowl. Chop the Peppers, Onions, and Tomatoes into small cubes and mix in with beans and corn. Chop Cilantro add. Juice Lime pour in, may use more or less according to taste, and add salt and pepper to taste.

I like my salsa refrigerated before I eat it! Enjoy!

Oops I did it again-Lemon Lime Truffles

Played with your heart, got lost in the game OH BABY BABBYY. haha oopsies, 90’s kick, but really

ITS LEMON WEEK. I promise this is the last one. But to my defense, Lime is also in this dessert, and Lemon is the perfect taste of summer.

So how could you resist the urge to make these?!

Lemon Lime Cookie Truffles

Here is out they are supposed to look when finished:


Yeah right, if you read this blog before, you know this is not how my things turn out, and things ARE NOT pretty.


So I made the cookie according to the directions, but used a 8×8 pan. Didnt have a 9×9.

I also didn’t wait for the cookie to cool, I dont have that kind of time, I crumbled it right out of the oven.

Here is the BIG change, I used cream cheese frosting instead of regular cream cheese. I made the balls slightly bigger than you see in the picture


So I threw them in the freezer for a few minutes, then melted white chocolate chips and a little bit of oil, like I always use when I am melting chocolate.

I started dipping and almost ran out of chocolate, I go heavy on the chocolate, and it never comes out smooth, I gotta start buying candy chocolate. Who can actually make them like the picture above?


I froze them as the Tuesday Night Dinner Crew went out to our Dinner. Last dinner, so we decided none of us would make anything. I like them frozen, but I also want to thaw some and eat them fresh at room temp. The Lemon Lime flavor in them is so great! I could of eaten just the cookie! I also dont like the large size I made, I wish iI made them smaller more manageable to bite.



Lemon Poke Cake

Lemon Kick Part 3. (Part four probably soon to follow because I found another cool recipe I would like to try) So I am obsessed with Lemon so I had to make up my own Poke Cake!

If you remember, I made this Chocolate Poke Cake a little while back.

Chocolate Poke Cake

So I decided to try an all lemon cake. My friends grandfather recently died, and I wanted to take something over to her family, I wanted to make baked goods because thats my speciality.

I grabbed and made lemon cake, a box mix from the store. I also used Lemon Pudding.

What to use for topping? I found lemon cookies at the store, they are like oreos but shortbread cookie with lemon filling. My mom used to buy them for the beach when we were small children and me and my brother hated them because they weren’t real cookies like all the other kids had. When I think of lemon cookies I think of them semi crushed in a ziploc at the bottom of the beach bag and slightly melted.

Anywho, I crushed those up, and added them to the top of the cake. To the one I was taking to my friend I added whipped topping to the cake, but I didn’t get to try that one.

So again with anything, you HAVE to like lemon to enjoy this recipe. The lemon pudding is a little much, but I dont know what else flavor you would use, the cool whip I assume tastes wonderfully and so does the cookies I chose.

Overall the Lemon went well and I am still going to try other flavors and combinations, some sort of pumpkin will be soon to follow!



Reeses Bar- Box Mix Critique

So I know, not everyone has time to make desserts from scratch and sometimes you just need something quick to take to a party, or baked goods for a bake fair, this is where Box Mixes come in handy! But which ones are good? Which ones are bad?

Today I made Reeses Bar from a Box. This one will be a little bit difficult because I don’t eat peanut butter desserts, so I cant fully critique this.

The box comes with a ready made pan which is nice, however you still have to use a lot of your own dishes. The directions are weird  and its things you never thought you would have to do when baking.

The only thing you need is butter & water, so thats another plus to the mix, only two ingredients! One ingredient your guaranteed to have too!

So first you melt butter and water together, in the microwave, weird, and then pour the crust on top of that, but dont mix it, weirder, then you take it out, mix it, and press into the ready made pan.

After this you grab another DISH! and make the filling with more butter, filling and peanut butter. Pour that over the crust.

Lastly you take the fudge, that you warm up in a bowl of hot water, and pour it over the all the bars, and refrigerate.

The pan is small, and doesn’t seem like a lot when its in the pan.I think they give you their own pan because there is not enough ingredients to fit in a standard pan.

The family I made them for, loved them the mom was eating them and couldn’t stop! So that must be a good sign.

Overall pretty easy to make, and I would recommend to others, although it does not make it a lot, its something different to take to a party, and best of all, you don’t have to bake it!

Melting Crayon Art

So if you have ever surfed the craft web, you’ve seen these:

I didn’t want to make that because its pretty over done. But I did want to try this crayon craze. When I was younger my Aunt used to cook rocks and then We would draw on them with crayons, and they would melt all over the crayon, that was pretty cool.

So when I found this I liked it:

Melted Crayon Art

So I decided I would take a wack at it, I still had another canvas when I bought the bonus double pack from this project:

Signing Canvas 

The crayons I bought from A.C. Moore, printed out the 40 % off any item coupon from their website before I left the house, so I got the crayons for about 4 dollars. I also used a gift card I got from yankee swap years ago.

Peeling the crayons was the most time consuming but I picked my colors and lined them up by shade during the process


So I got out my old blow dryer, yes it says 90210 hahaha

I just started melting the top of the crayon I thought it was going to take forever but it only took like four seconds .I had no plan so I just began coloring everywhere, I learned different techniques from moving around the blow dryer and the crayon


There is no reason to get burned in this project from the blow dryer or the crayon is you apply the crayon like you see me doing here.  On its side is where you would run into trouble.

So I kept tilting the canvas, mixing, and letting it drip everywhere, and let it did its own thing and I ended up with this:



& I hated it. so I decided to add the greens and the purples on either side, still hated it. then I realized it wasnt large enough, but I couldnt go back and figure out all the colors and the order and where I put where because alot of the colors are very similar. then BING lightbulb. I realized if you just heated the canvas, the crayon kept melting, which meant the color would expand to all over the canvas, so I did this all over the whole canvas, tilting, and going every which direction.

I ended up with this:

So overall I am iffy about it, I dont have any wall space for it, so I cant hang it, I just wanted to make it! haha!

I am thinking about giving it to a friend or editing it even further, overall it was a fun craft, and there is lots of different things you can do with it!