Balloon Bowls- Cute, Fun and most of all Yummy!

… Thats what I thought when I saw this picture. If you dont know already I babysitt three children the ages of 12, 9, 7. The solution to entertain them most of the time for me is baking. I enjoy it, and they are kinda of into it, so it sort of works out.

When I saw these on pintrerest I was like oMIGOD. The youngest boy would love popping these balloons, and the oldest girl would love to help me make them.

So I used chocolate chips semi sweet and little bit of vegtable oil and threw in the microwave to melt. I am sure thats not proper but its the way I do it. I then made disks on wax paper, and began blowing up the balloons and dipping it into the chocolate.

I am not a perfectionist, and I cant ever do things perfect but I thought this would be pretty easy, however they turned out hORRID.


This is how they would look if a normal person, Like myself did them. hahahaha.

So the choocolate never set and we had to put it in the fridge, wasn’t sure if it was the oil or what. So when we took them out, the children has a blast popping them! But the bottom of balloon stuck to the chocolate, choking hazard, and was hard to get out. Im sure it would of been better if we covered them with non stick spray or something. By the time we got to the third balloon they were melting so the chocolate on the edges would wither and curl. the tops werent strong enough to make the bowl, and we got holes in the bottom.

Overall was not an success but I am sure if we tried them again I could do them a bit better. but most important they were yummy!


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