Good Idea…in Theory

So I have a lot of Kale in my garden, and I love kale and wanted new ways to eat it. So I looked for pinned recipes to try. Found a bunch! I wanted kale as a side dish for a grilled chicken meal I was making for My brother and his friend who are staying with me while my parents are away in MI.

I love the fact that I can just walk out to the garden, and get kale.

So I made this:

Simple Kale 

I chopped my onions tighter, used more garlic, because I love garlic. And had to use water because I had no vegetable broth. I didn’t use any lemon, I wanted an all kale taste baby. And you know what, this recipe wasn’t all to hard at all! It actually turned out looking like this:

But then I got a not so brilliant idea.  To then make these,

Spinach Burgers 

But I would replace the spinach with my freshly cooked kale! Brilliant I thought! What could go wrong-… oh maybe everything.  I had all the ingredients on hand and made the patties as the recipe said but just went easy on the red pepper flakes becuase I am not a spicy girl at all. So the patties formed well as I loaded them into my pan. but THEN. they began to burn, break apart, and become a huge huge mess.

I am guessing that it was the oil that I used to cook the Kale in made the kale not the right consistency to be used in the burgers. Only half of the patties got cooked, and when I say cooked I mean burnt. But it didnt stop me nor my cousin from picking at them and finishing them off.

So all and all, I will cook Kale again, because I enjoyed it as a side dish, but next time I will skip subbing the kale for spinach in these crazy spinach burgers.


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