Cake Batter Dip- Skeptical

If you ever been on pinterest, then you’ve seen the cake batter dip. ITS EVERYWHERE! How can you not? I decided for our TND I had to try it…

Cake Batter Dip 

So I went back and fourth on what flavor to make, because hello, you can make any kind! Not usually  a funfetti fan at all, but I thought, hey everyone else is and it will look the prettiest.

So for the yogurt I used Chobani, because I have a slight chobani obsession. ( when I was on that no fat diet chobani was almost the only thing I could eat that made me feel like a human). I also had some left over from the Tzeski sauce I made early for Tuesday Night Dinners.

So at first taste I was like.. ew this is gross. It tasted just as it sounded, Cake batter. Uncooked batter, But I let it sit over night before I served it, and the next day it tasted a little bit better, then it kept growing on me.

I think it also had to do with the fact that I bought stop and shop brand animal crackers, and they tasted like the kind you used to get in your happy meals, back in the good old days. (The 90’s)

The final Product actually looked alot like this too:

I deem this one.. a success! (and most of us liked it)


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