Fondue? or Fon-dont?

I made fondue one other time in high school with Bertha, it came out so bad we just called it Fon-don’t, and I swore off Fondue all together.

But my grandmother was moving out of her house of 50 plus years and was eager to get rid of many things. Unfortunately I got there pretty late, and there wasn’t much to pick from except for two fondue pots. One of them my mother happened to buy for her, so I chose that one. Then I was feeling inspired to make some fondue, I figured I would try one more time for Tuesday night Dinner.

I cut up strawberries, and threw in some marshmallows, and made some pound cake from a box mix, which CAME OUT HORRID, and tasting nothing like pound cake, so I dont ever recommend making pound cake from a box…but it all went into this really cool palm tree serving dish my mom has.

For the fondue I made this recipe:


I exchanged the heavy cream for light cream. who ever really needs heavy cream? I mean cmon its the 21st century.

So the fondue came out pretty good. Except for the orange liqueur. Most bites you couldn’t taste it, but then they were some bites that would knock your socks off and you swore you were going to get buzzed just from that one bite. Wasn’t fun to have the burning alcohol sensation in your throat from fondue. next time I make it I will definitely leave it out. The texture of the fondue was great, and everything else worked out pretty well. Another great dessert for our TND’s.  It definitely was not a fon dont!



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