Homemade Bunting

So for my Anchor/ Nautical themed graduation party I decided that I HAD to have bunting.

I didn’t want paper, because I knew they would be hanging well into the night and the dew would kill them. I wanted fabric, this way I could re-use it, and even hang it in my room when I was done.

I searched through many tutorials and I hated them all. Yeah I have a sewing machine and yeah I took a sewing class in high school. but I didn’t feel like busting out the old sewing machine. Their had to be something easier.

Then I remembered a trick my moms uses because she cant sew to save her life… HEM TAPE.

So I ran out to Jo anns Fabrics, and picked up fabric squares, because I couldn’t be bothered having all the fabrics pre cut, I also am a cheapo when it comes to my craft projects and decided that my bunting wouldn’t have a back, like whats the point? The fabric I picked was just fabric I liked, lots of different patterns and all shades of blue with white and coral for an accent.

I also picked up DOUBLE FOLDED DOUBLE WIDE Binding. This is your BEST friend in this project. I picked teal and white, I got three.

I really wish I took pictures of each step, but I didn’t so you will have to imagine me just making this bunting , sweating my balls off over a hot iron.

So I get home and I am like how am I gonna cut this friggin fabric. I am not a technical person so I did what I also do, wing it. They were folds in the fabric and I just cut diagonally, and made triangles. simple as that. For people who need more instruction, this isn’t the place for you… haha

Then I cut the hem tape and put it all over the edges, hemming sides of the triangles but not the top, this gave it a hemmed look. I did it over, and over, and over again.

Lots of ironing, lots of peeling hem tape, lots of sweat. I even packed this project and brought it to Boston for the night, ironing int hotel room.

Then I arranged the patterns of how I liked all down the hall way and pulled out the Binding. I put hem tape on the sides of the top of the triangle, and then on the  bottom of the inside of binding. Confusing but you will figure it out.

So basically u sandwich the triangle in between the binding. and iron, iron, iron, you could sew. but who really wants to sew?

They came out beautifully and I really love them. I cant wait to hang them in my room, I have no upclose pictures, but I will take some as soon as I hang them in my room!


Here is blue and white bunting hanging from the deck.

ImageThere is other bunting you can see hanging from the tent.


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