Photo Collage Letters

Yes, I do more than bake, although thats really my passion.

As if I did not already have enough on my plate for my graduation party, I decided to add one more Project. I realized I needed to display pictures at my grad party but I wanted to do it a fun way!

I saw this and KNEW it was perfect


I would do the intials of my school. B.S.U. from all four years I attended.

I went on my IPad (because I was at work) and on my facebook gathered pictures I liked from all four years, saved them to my ipad and then changed them to black and white on a color editor app. From there I uploaded all the picture to a Walgreens App. From the Walgreen App I was able to send the prints to the store and make them available for pick up after I got out of work. Brilliant. I love getting paid at work to do my own projects :) The Walgreens app is a great idea, and no one else has done it yet, but theres alot of glitches and I dont recommend it if you are in a rush, and dont have the patience haha. They will get it right, and then it will be even better, but for those pics that are only on your ipad, its a great idea.

I went to Michaels to pick up the letters and Modge Podge. However I couldn’t find huge letters, so that was disappointing and then I knew that I would have to really cram the pictures. The letters were not big enough to collage the sides, and the letters came white so I painted them black.

I have a strong history in Modge Podge so I knew this would not be hard for me.

I would lay the pictures over the letters, flip over the letter and the picture, and trace on the back where the letter was then cut it out, and place on, it took a lot of finagling because my letters were so small and I had to cut out a lot of peoples faces, but I made it work. Then brushed modge podge on the back and stuck it on. I decided not to podge modge over because my pictures were a gloss finish, if they were a matte finish I would have sealed them on top with modge podge as well.


Success! Def a project I would recommend to previous modge podgers!


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