Yes, I am crazy, and Yes, I think I have a problem-S’mores inside a cookie

I just have the BIGGEST sweet tooth in the WORLD. I LOVE SWEETS. Its amazing I never had a cavity up until my last Drs. Visit. ( which I was really upset I foiled my 22 years clean of cavity record). Not my fault though its like under my cealance.

ANYWHO, I had this weird idea to put a Smore inside a Choco chip cookie. Easy enough right? The kids, they would love it too.

So we did it, bought choco chip dough, cuz I just wasn’t in the mood to make my own. We then began to assemble s’mores on top of cookie dough, and then tried to wrap the cookie dough around. This was no easy task. And the Cookies came out larger than my hands.

We baked them, and they came out kinda strange, then ate them right out of the oven, and they were pretty good! Chocolate and marshmallow as all ooey-goeey- oozy. But I got an immediate belly ache from eating these, for two days, so maybe it wasnt the cookies, or maybe it was the fact that I hadnt eaten anything that fatty in a while. (thats gone out the window now). But whenever I look at these cookies, I feel gross.

They are only good if you eat them right out of the oven, the next day they just dont have the same appeal, and they were too large and hard to put together, I would call this one a half fail, or half success if you are one of those look at the glass half full people.


J.T. did love it though.. and so did his mom



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