Helpful Trick- Hanging Artwork

So I saw on pinterest, that you can hang multiple frames by using wax paper. This way you know where they are going to go on the wall and you just nail it through. GENIUS. So I decided to use this trick to see how it goes.

You all remember my letters, if not here ya go:

BSU Photo Collage Letters

So First thing first I aligned how I wanted the letters to look on top of the wax paper.

Next I traced the outline of the letters with sharpie.


Then you flip over the letters and put the wax paper on the back of them, this way you can mark where the nail hole will go.


The awesome part about this is you can see how all the letters will look up on your wall by taping the wax paper to the wall. After seeing it up, I decided I wanted it in an entirely different spot, which I wouldn’t of known if I didnt do this method.

Once the wax paper is on the wall, you just nail through it where you marked the nail would be. This means everything will hang and look exactly how you wanted it!






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