“Ombre” Dresser Drawers

So I found this one last summer before my pinterest days. I may have found on tumblr, or stumble upon, heck even etsy. I just knew I wanted to do it Desperately!

I had painted one accent wall in my room a dark teal, and I knew I would eventually paint the other walls a lighter teal, Which I recently did:

Heres some pics:

ImageThe Green Walls.

ImageNow an all teal room! bad pictures but you get the hint.

So the idea for the drawers is that the top drawer would start as a light teal/aqua and get darker with drawer until the bottom drawer which would just be the wall color.

So I grabbed the wall color paint, and added a tiny bit of it to a large cup of white paint. Making the first lightest color.

Again none of this is technical, I never am, if thats kind of person you are, then again, this isn’t the blog for you! haha!

So I painted the lightest color onto the first drawer, and from there, its pretty easy, I used that same cup, of light color and added a bit more of the original dark teal & painted the second drawer, same for the third and fourth. This process is very easy, you just have to make sure the color is darker than the drawer before, and you can always add more white!

Always add dark color to the lighter color with mixing paints. 

But always add dark to light, It only takes a small amount of dark color to make a difference where it takes A LOT of white paint to make a paint lighter. Theres a tip you can take home with you, in-less you want to spend endless amounts of money on white paint.

The last drawer I painted in the original Wall color and all the knobs in this color as well. However it would be kind of cool to do the opposite fading pattern on the knobs, but I am not THAT crafty.

Overall this was a success, a craft I just saw a picture of and figured out how to do on my own, so I was pretty proud!!



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