Switch Plates- Face Lift

Switch Plates are boring, and usually people don’t notice them. But thats not my style, I like things to be NOTICED!

So after recently repainting my room to a teal, aqua oasis. I decided that my switchplates needed some Pizazz. Looked online saw somethings I liked, but they were so expensive.


why. yes. yes there is.

Id make them myself. DUH.

So I remembered I bought wrapping paper from target after the christmas season for like 75 % off. I loved the pattern and knew I wanted it in my room my original thought was to cover my dresser in it. but then I got my vavos furniture.. so that went out the window.

BAM I will use the wrapping paper. Cover my switch plates like a present. Pulled out the old Modge Podge, me and modge podge are practically seeing each other now I use him so often, more like an affair actually. The kind of affair where you just use them, but dont actually wanna commit. Im weird.

So I modged podged them, I didn’t take pictures of the process but I can post about it if anyone would like to know. I even taught my friend and we did her’s the week after and her’s came out wonderful.

Here they are! My switch plates!




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