This one wasn’t even cool…Orange Chicken

So I saw this recipe, and I really wanted to try it. It looked like chicken you would get at a Chinese Restaurant. My parents were going on Vacation and I knew I would be in charge of dinners, a slow cooker recipe. This was perfect! I could go to work and my dinner would be cooking for me all day at home.

So the night before I fried the chicken and made the marinade according to the recipe. That way when I was at work I could tell my brother in the morning just to throw in chicken and marinade.

When I got home I was so excited to try this orange chicken recipe and was hoping it would be something my brother would love…

Orange Chicken

well. IT WASNT.

First of all, the recipe says 5-6 hours. The chicken was in for a solid five. The edges were black, and the chicken that had been touching the sides burnt. The color was a dark dark orange. And It looked like stew, made in soup. When we tried it, my brother was convinced it was not chicken, but pork. I assured him it was chicken, even though I began to doubt it too. The chicken kinda fell apart when you ate in a sort of good way I guess? But it was really hard, and marinade wasn’t very good. My brother who eats everything, didn’t finish it, and then made himself an Ellios Pizza. I made white rice to go along with the meal which took 25 minutes to make in the microwave. I get anxiety letting the microwave run that long for some reason and the whole time was wishing I just had a rice cooker. I had lots of left over rice, and it was the only good part of the meal. Then as I was putting away the rice, I dropped it all over the floor. So the entire meal. was a failure.

This is what it came out looking like…


yummy Right?… no. dog food.

The burnt remnants.

Orange Chicken..not recommended.




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