What I thought would be a death sentence.

So.. My Grandmother is moved out of her house, of 50 plus years. And my mother thought it would be  a great idea to fill my bedroom with her furniture. I was strictly OPPOSED to this idea. I mean I love my vavo, but her style and my style are not the same thing. I had been collecting/working and searching for years to make my room what I wanted it too look like. I had been moving in and out of it for college back and fourth for the past four years and I was finally here permanently and wanted it to look nice.

I wanted a blue oasis with white beachy furniture. This was not any of that. It was DARK wood, with twirly, wirly LOOK AT ME IM IM HERE AND OVERSIZED LOOK.

Now she was gonna throw this curve ball at me of taking my full size bed, and replacing with a queen, and then giving me TWO DRESSERS. on top the of the two dressers I own and two night stands. OH NO NO NO. Not happening. But alas, this isn’t my house, and it really isn’t my room is it. So I’d have to make due.

Did I mention the bed was a four post bed?…

Anywho I went to my grandmothers to look at my death sentence, here it was. (Notice the four post bed in the mirror reflection).


So since one day my room will be a guest room the idea is that the furniture has to look nice… so I cant paint it.

BUT I HAD to do something to it. I just couldnt. I mean it was my GRANDMOTHERS. furniture.

So I got the bed, and immediately took off all four posts, now they just have nubs, but I will find something to cap them off with. I refused the two night stands, bye send them away. And the second dresser. no way. my bro can have it.

But then I realized the dresser had glass, OHH glass, sort of like a frame, pictures go in frames, but it was large frame.. wheels are turning.

BOOM COLLAGE. thats what I’d do… a collage.

So I pulled out all the old college stuff, I am sort of hoarder so I save everything. movie tickets, concert tickets plane tickets, Old School ID’s, anything you name it. I love to display it.

So thats what I did, made a collage, NOW before anyone FREAKS OUT, ( my parents are away have yet to see this) Nothing is even TAPED DOWN. its all just sitting here, and can be easily removed, from under the glass. and yes my parents can rip it out when I move out. but now I love it. so here it is.

Top View.

Then I decided to take up close pics so my friends who read this can see if they are special enough to make the collage. I didnt put much thought into this, I just used what I had laying around, so dont feel to offended if you didnt make it hahaha


I even completed it with quotes, from my college quote wall



The best part is I can change it whenever I want!


I like that u can see my postless bed in the reflection of the mirror.


I think I made it work!




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