Chocolate Oreo Poke Cake You look DELISH.

And guess what. It was. I saw this many times all over Pinterest and thought to myself, the kids would love to make these.

Poke Cake 

Poke Cake, seemed very Mid-west. My mom is from Michigan and I visit every where and I know those mid-westerners love to pudding and jello in everything. Green Jello, mayonaise, they do it all. But this recipe actually looked good, so I had to try it, with my own spin of course. Perfect dessert for a Tuesday night Recipe.

So I got your average chocolate cake box and made it like it said on the the box. But there is only a few of us girls at TND’s so I figured I didnt need the whole thing, so I split the cake into two casserole looking shaped pans. I gave one the cakes to the boy I babysitt for him to make his own poke cake. I kept one and only used one box of pudding because I was only using half the cake.

It was tons of fun poking the cake and pouring in the oreo brand pudding. Once it cooled, I decided that it wasnt complete without cool whip… I mean cmon. Then I crushed my  one dollar guaranteed value oreos (thanks stop and shop) all over the cake… and it was DELISH. The cake is so most and it was just a plethora of chocolate goodness. But not too much.

All Poked!

Pudding Poured ( I dont have a picture of the final product)

Then JT made his poke cake, with vanilla pudding, and REAL whipped cream, (from a can) and we topped them with the special edition birthday cake oreos I bought earlier in the week and hated. and his cake was MARVELOUS TOO.

My mini chef, notice his pokes, He loved poking the cake.

So over all its just a great recipe. And everyone at TND’s loved it. I have been brainstorming other ways to make it, Lemon? Pumpkin? Stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Oreo Poke Cake You look DELISH.

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