Apples in a Blanket

Okay, so I am still working on the name, but they definitely need a name.

So I saw this recipe on pinterest, basically three ingredients, super easy. Lets give it a try.

The directions were super simple and perfect for Tuesday Night Dinners!

Apples in a Blanket

So I bought stop and shop filling, and cut all the apples in half, before placing them onto the rolled out crescent rolls. They were right about a spoonful, you could barely fit any apple on it before it oozing out of everywhere. We decided that next time we should mince the apples. ( I made these at a friends house for Tuesday night dinner)

I also figured out how to roll them perfectly right as the batch was ending. Fold the two corners of the triangle in, and then roll it, from the large part of the triangle until you reach the small part.

I rolled it a cinnamon sugar mixture, but also decided next time we would use more cinnamon. I also wasn’t crazy about the filling, and was going to use name brand next time rather than Generic Brand.

BUT THESE THINGS CAME OUT DELISH. and they were STUPID easy. Then Alyssa the TND host made home made ice cream with my ice cream maker and dessert was delish!!!

Heres the pumpkin version of this:

Pumpkins in a Blanket

UPDATE: Yet another version I have tried. Stuffing not only apples in there- BUT CARAMELS. I rolled the caramels in cinnamon and sugar and rolled into the apples. Tasted great warm!!!! Caramel Apple PIE YUM.


3 thoughts on “Apples in a Blanket

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