Lemon Crinkle Cookies.

Lemon Kick.

Because its Summer. Everything should be made of lemons, and unicorns and jelly beans, Lets start with lemons though.

So when I saw the picture of this cookie on Pinterest, I was could just TASTE it in my mouth, I was like, I bet I know exactly how that tastes, and its delish.

Lemon Crinkle Cookies 

I was attracted to this recipe because it said it was Pinterest’s Best Cookie, I mean you can never believe it but judging by this picture it had serious potential.

So I made the dough, and then took it over to my friends to bake because again this was another Tuesday Night Dinner Dessert.

I made it according to the decorations rolled into balls, and rolled into powdered sugar. Except for the lemon juice, I squeezed too much and added about a tablespoon and a half.

The first weird part is that I only filled one pan, granted my cookie pan is large, but with any other recipe I have made before, it has NEVER all fit on one pan.

When I took them out of the oven my crinkly cookies. WERE NOT CRINKLY. They looked like round sugar cookies, without a CRINKLE to them.

The powdered sugar clumped in some parts so just made the cookie looked like I hadn’t mixed it all the way in the other parts.

So then the taste testing. Who cares if they didn’t look right just matters how they taste. … DISAPPOINTING. WHERE WAS THE LEMON? They tasted exactly like a sugar cookie, but no lemon taste. Sometimes a very faint one, but nothing even to write home about.

How could that be especially when I put in MORE lemon than what it called for. It was so disappointing. great sugar cookie, but not a great “Lemon Crinkly Cookie”. Overall the recipe didn’t make enough cookies and it do anything it said it would crinkle, or taste like lemon. so



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