Circus Animal Cookie Truffles

I have been wanting to make this recipe for a long long time.


I went to stop and shop and they didn’t have the cookies… um what?

So I went to target the next day, and got the target brand. The whole time I kept thinking you know its very strange that the only ingredients were cream cheese and crackers. I just didn’t think plain cream cheese was right, but I forgot to double check again before I made the cookies.

I didn’t feel like doing a lot of dishes, so I crushed the crackers with a hammer in a bag rather than in a ziploc.

Mixed the plain cream cheese rolled them up and freezed them.

Pulled out my almond bark, which Ive never used before, and melted it. It came out like crap… I kept having to add oil. It was very chunky and made messy cookies. ugly too.

So once I let the chocolate set, I tasted them, and yep, they tasted like, cream cheese. I checked back the recipe. and it says CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. hahahahaaha. But they aren’t really THAT bad. But could be so much better.

Overall I would call them a Success Fail.

I gave them to my brothers friends and they devoured them in three seconds. So I guess they were good enough!


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