Just a Perfect Day

I know Ive switched this over from my college blog to my crafts, DIY, do pinterest recipes really work blog, but I just need to to talk about this MARVELOUS day I had.

I went to Martha’s Vineyard and it was just so PICTURE PERFECT.

So woke up, and ate my three different kind of cereals, and headed to Alyssa’s house from there we New Bedford so we could take the New Bedford Ferry. It was wonderful. My cousin works at the Fairfield Inn so we got a parking pass from there and parked there for free, short walk to the ferry where we had tickets reserved, hopped on this wonderful ferry that was not packed at all, and we got lots of space and a table even!

Ferry ride over was beautiful, we drank mimosas that we snuck on and that made it all the better.

We got off the boat and Alyssa’s brother Jack was waiting for us at the dock and took us to the boat that Alyssa’s parents had parked in the harbor.

When we got  to Alyssa’s Family boat, Cracker Jack’s, we took the dinghy to the beach! Laid out on the beach and it was the most precious wonderful day.

We waited for my cousin Sarah to come in, and when she did we waved and jumped up and down as she pulled into the harbor, we boated over to her, picked her up and headed into town. We did a little shoppy- shop. Went into a bunch of different T shirt stores, and we got ice cream at Mad Martha’s.

Then we stopped in at Johnny Cupcakes, I LOVE johnny cupcakes, and they had in store exclusives that were just vineyard shirts, and I wanted them all, but I didnt get them all. I got a ANCHOR key chain, and a bumper sticker. We went into the classics, Vineyard Vines and Black Dog.

Then we walked to the green grass with the gazebo right on the water, and hung out there and enjoyed life for a bit, but not long enough.

We then went to the Sand Bar, which was a bar on the water where the ground was the sand. It was SO AWESOME. We got frozen drinks and nachos, and everything about it was wonderful.


From there we went on the Famous, Oldest Carousel, Flying Horses. It is especially fun because you catch the rings as you go round and round, and if you get the brass ring, you get a free ride, and of course Alyssa got the brass ring, and got the free ride and we all watched her go around for her free ride, it was pretty funny.


After flying horses we walked back to the boat and hung out and enjoyed appetizers just enjoyed the beautiful day.

We then walked over to Nancys/ Donovans Reef. They make the BEST frozen drinks for only 8 bucks. Cheap for the vineyard, and even around here. I got a raspberry pancake drink, and the others got , bahama mama, mango daquiri, and pina colada. Fried seafood and I got a Gyro. 


Then it was time for us to take the ferry back :(. We sat outside for a majority of the ride back and got swept away by the wind .

We had a great day, and I am looking forward to my next Vineyard Trip!


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