Melting Crayon Art

So if you have ever surfed the craft web, you’ve seen these:

I didn’t want to make that because its pretty over done. But I did want to try this crayon craze. When I was younger my Aunt used to cook rocks and then We would draw on them with crayons, and they would melt all over the crayon, that was pretty cool.

So when I found this I liked it:

Melted Crayon Art

So I decided I would take a wack at it, I still had another canvas when I bought the bonus double pack from this project:

Signing Canvas 

The crayons I bought from A.C. Moore, printed out the 40 % off any item coupon from their website before I left the house, so I got the crayons for about 4 dollars. I also used a gift card I got from yankee swap years ago.

Peeling the crayons was the most time consuming but I picked my colors and lined them up by shade during the process


So I got out my old blow dryer, yes it says 90210 hahaha

I just started melting the top of the crayon I thought it was going to take forever but it only took like four seconds .I had no plan so I just began coloring everywhere, I learned different techniques from moving around the blow dryer and the crayon


There is no reason to get burned in this project from the blow dryer or the crayon is you apply the crayon like you see me doing here.  On its side is where you would run into trouble.

So I kept tilting the canvas, mixing, and letting it drip everywhere, and let it did its own thing and I ended up with this:



& I hated it. so I decided to add the greens and the purples on either side, still hated it. then I realized it wasnt large enough, but I couldnt go back and figure out all the colors and the order and where I put where because alot of the colors are very similar. then BING lightbulb. I realized if you just heated the canvas, the crayon kept melting, which meant the color would expand to all over the canvas, so I did this all over the whole canvas, tilting, and going every which direction.

I ended up with this:

So overall I am iffy about it, I dont have any wall space for it, so I cant hang it, I just wanted to make it! haha!

I am thinking about giving it to a friend or editing it even further, overall it was a fun craft, and there is lots of different things you can do with it!





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