Budget book

My best friend is moving out on his own for the first time. (besides moving away to college and living in dorms because everyone knows that isn’t real world/ real life). He is going to college but living in a rental house. I was thinking of an easy way of budgeting money and I saw this on pinterest. A handmade budget book that was made of a binder and some clear protective sleeves. I made a few adjustments on mine. I knew this would work well for him because he is a waiter and gets paid in cash every night. So it would be easy for him to come home at night and add his cash into it.

I didn’t buy the sleeves my grandmother had some left over that I bought. I decided to add papers in the sleeves and color code them.

At the beginning of the book is the weekly costs in blue. Such as groceries and gas. I wrote weekly on the paper and the due date at the bottom.

On the top of the clear sleeve I labeled it saying the title ( groceries or gas) and then a box with how much money should be placed inside. Clear sleeves are such a great idea because you can see how much is in each page and what’s its for.

The next color was color coded monthly. This was labeled with orange papers. Monthly was wrote at the top and due date on the bottom. On top of the clear sleeves was things such as rent and cell phone.

At the end of the book I labeled sections with white paper. These were costs that were not frequent. I came up with a fun sleeve, where everytime the book was opened he has to put ten dollars in it for something fun. I also did a clothes shopping folder where extra money goes after all other folders are full to minimize spending excess on clothes, a emergency fund, and the last is savings for his next semester costs, books tuition and such!


I hope he uses it!



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