Perfect summer day!!

Summer is coming to a close, and this makes me incredibly depressed. Trying to live up my last few days and squeeze in as many summer activities as possible.

Saturday night I went to the fray and Kelly clarkson concert with my best friend. Had fro yo and then went to some place called like 10149 or something and it was pretty expensive but there was a happy hour going on and we got FOUR appetizers they were all five dollars, and we felt like the fat king and queen who just have course after course brought to them.

We then drove to the concert which was at the Comcast center in Mansfield and I loved that venue. All outside but some parts are covered. Carolina liar opened and they were really really good. I need to download more of their songs. Before the concert i downloaded the set list in order and put it on my iPod so we could listen to the whole concert all the way there. All of the sudden Kelly clarkson was on stage and she did so great. It was so cool to actually see people who could perform live. The fray which I think was my favorite of the night was also great. They played such amazing songs!

After the concert we ate left over pizza in traffic and stopped at the 24 hour Walmart on the way home the one I used to frequent in college because it was right next to my school. That made me a bit nostalgic.

The next day I went sailing with my uncle. What is so special about sailing with my uncle is that he got this boat for free and fixed it up over the course of a year and made it sail-able. So not every trip is a perfect sail, but it’s ALWAYS an adventure.

This was the first time that I was going to sail, previously I had only sat in the harbor. Sailing today was my uncle joe, cousins Paul and christine and their friend Tony. We set out to catch the 3pm bridge it only opens every hour on the hour, and we made it! Out on the open sea we sailed along perfectly, I was very afraid of sea sickness, but it never happened. We sailed by the local town beach and waved to my parents who were just specs on the beach. We decided to swim!! No need to anchor we just wanted to jump in. I was SO afraid to jump in for some reason, maybe it was the recent great white shark attack or the fact that I just watched shark week, but after two tries I JUMPED IN. when I was mid air it was the best feeling knowing that I was about to do it!! We got up on the boat and jumped again, and this time did a lap around the boat, which sounds easy but was so hard because the boat is very long and was not anchored. Their friend tony slipped and fell on the boat and when ever i think about how he almost went overboard I laugh out loud. We ate lunch and headed back to shore and made the 6 o clock bridge back.

Came home and had pizza at the house with the kids and then headed out to get ice cream with Bertha. I wanted to go to this one place because I saw caramel caribou cookie dough on the menu once. It is 3.99 just for a small..pretty disgusting considering in high school me and berths frequented dock side for dollar cones of cotton candy ice cream. But I knew it was too good to be true when the ice cream HAD NO COOKIE DOUGH. I went up and asked where the cookie dough was hahaha and she said there is two kinds and she would give me a scoop of the other one.. She gave me PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL..I hate peanut butter so this was just bad all around. Decided to save the night by going to Pam’s hotel to swim in the pool…one of my favorite activities.

I now have now have one full week of work left and then off to finding a real world job…..




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