Recycled Dress- No Sew!

Today my Kids were sick, which is fun because I have had a wicked stomach ache since yesterday so I didn’t have to go to work! Perfect rainy day to get a few of my crafts done.

One day when I went over my friend was cleaning out her closet and giving me old clothes she didn’t anymore, we are completely different sizes, and I am about a foot taller than her. So most of the clothes were tight, and didn’t fit right but I decided I would make them work.

She had this one striped white and black dress that I loved, because I have a very odd obsession with stripes, however the dress was WAY to short. like showing my vag. so why not make it a shirt!?

I dont sew, I have a sewing friend and his name is Hem Tape.

So here is how I made a cute shirt basically for free and took very little time:

I put on the dress and folded it up to the length I wanted to be when I cut it, and now remember I am not technical at all. I took the nearest thing I had that was long, which happened to be a mirror, and made a mark on the hand held mirror and then took off the dress.

I layed out the dress and cut the bottom of the dress off but using my hand mirror measurement. strange. i know. but use what ya got. I cut straight across then heated up the iron and hem tape.

I guess the true way you use hem tape is laying across the entire piece of material you are working with. However I cut it in segments, because that much tape is not necessary to make it stick. How you use hem tape is you cut the tape, iron for about two seconds, and then peel off the paper. After the paper is peeled, you fold where you want it hemmed, and iron over it, and this bonds the two sides.

I ended up cutting the skirt on either side, that way it was like two halves, and easier to hem, I didnt have to do a perfect one all the way around, just worked with front and back. So the bottom has a very small taper on it. To hem I just kinda guess and fold it over, I dont pin or anything, because generally with a hem you cant tell if its crooked. It came out pretty even and looking great, can’t wait to wear my new shirt!!



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