Paleo Lifestyle

Okay so I have been on a Paleo Diet for 9 days now. I am very mixed about it. For those who dont know its a caveman diet. No processed foods, sugar, dairy, or carbohydrates, the benefits are amazing, I am just waiting to feel them.

I didn’t have any real problems before I went on this diet, most people have headaches, body aches, other such things. I just really wanted to cut my sugar cravings because they were getting out of control, as you can see from my BLOG!

I REALLY struggled with diet for the first five days. Im talking crazy mood swings, cranky all the time and hungry. The beauty of this diet is you can eat as much as you want, which is awesome for me, theres not just not much to eat.

Once I figured out my menu more and grocery shopped/planned ahead, it started working out well. A difficult part of this diet is you have to make EVERY meal, you cant just grab cereal and milk or pop a bagel in the toaster. I was never a breakfast person but recently have been forcing myself to eat breakfast, so its hard for me to wake up early to make eggs or MAKE something. I cant just grab it and eat it on the way to work.

I was exhausted all the time, felt like how I did when I had mono, I think this was my body adjusting to making energy using protien (like its supposed to) rather than sugar or carbs.


No baked goods updates for a while, just be posting the boring Paleo Food. But some of it is quite tasty, this is longest I’ve gone without dessert in my life too. DESSERT IS MY LIFE. oy!!

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