Tee Shirt Quilt

All through high school I was given tee shirts all the time! Every season of color guard we would receive a shirt with the shows theme on the front and all of our names on the back.

As I went into college, I was getting more free tee shirts, because in college, free tee shirts is just a way of life.

My drawers were filling rapidly with shirts I didn’t wear anymore, but I couldn’t throw them out.

What to do, what to do. T SHIRT QUILT.

So I asked for the help of my grandmother, because I could not find a tutorial online, I knew we could figure it out together.

I grabbed all the my t shirts, even my Kindergarten DYSA shirts.

I made a template out of cardboard (rectangle shape) that fit the designs of all my shirts, I used this to trace on all the shirts, and then cut them out. Some shirts I used both the front and the back so I had to cut them twice.

I then arranged on the floor how I wanted it to look, in rows and columns.

I took the first row of shirts and sewed them together on the sides. I did this five times so I had five rows.

Next we took rows and began sewing them together, Row one to Row two, and so on.

Once this was finished we had the base for the quilt. We measured this making extra four inches all around, and went to Jo ann’s to pick out fabric I liked.

We also picked out the stuffing that goes in the middle, IDK the technical name for it. haha.

We placed the stuffing down the sewed around the edges to attach the back to the front.

I did this so long ago that I can’t think of all the techniques and tricks but I just wanted to show everyone mine!





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