Graduation Cap

So This post will be very simple but I remember when it came time to decorate my cap, there were very few ideas on the internet, a Cap should be very personalized, but you need to get inspiration somewhere. Cap decorating time also comes at a stressful time, end of the school year, last few days of college (ever), finals week and for me, hospitalization for five days. haha.

My room mate and I spent a ridiculous amount of time wondering the sticker aisles in Michaels, trying to pick out what stickers we liked, we could not decide what colors and how to divvy them up. It we couldn’t make these decisions how were we supposed to make life decisions? But we figured it out and here is mine:



So the top, has a sequin trim, which was cool because you could see a hint of it when I was walking around and wearing it. The trim comes in a package at Michaels, its awesome. We also picked up a travel pack, and a graduation pack, which had the diploma and the airplane sticker. There was also a sticker that said graduate that I put on the back and it looked super cute. Dont forget you can decorate the front the part that goes on your head, that looks super cute too.

The letters were stickers, and so where the school names, CSUMB and BSU. For the glitter states, I printed out pictures of them, covered them all in glue and then glitter all over them. I cut them out, and thats how they look so perfect!!!

My room mate did a collage of pictures, with the saying thanks for the memories over it. My other room mate did the same with the saying young wild and free. I also liked my other friend who’s said we willl be remembered.

When making your cap thinking of something that was important to you in your college career! Or a saying or quote you liked, it takes a lot of thinking but I definitely did not regret having a decorated cap.



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