Oreo Brittle- STUPID EASY.

Okay, who likes Cookies n Creme Bars? I do. Wouldn’t they be SO GREAT as a dessert? To share? at a Party?

I think so- its a fun snack party dessert food thats STUPID easy to make, tasty, and CHEAP.

  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Package of Oreos
  • Tbs of Canola Oil

Melt the choco chips in the microwave, by the way I used Ghiradelli choco chips because they were all sale this week. But then I bought the Guaranteed One dollar Oreos. I probably should of just used the real thing, but hey, I didn’t taste a difference.

So melt them, until they are melted. you know the easy stuff. Dont forget to add a little bit of oil. Crush a package of oreos and mix them in. Except I didn’t use the whole package, mostly half. So do that. use half. I used a 9x 13 pan to spread out over the pan. I popped it in the freezer because I am impatient. Took it out and broke it into pieces. BAM oreo brittle. so fun. so tasty. so easy. I am storing them in the freezer until my Jamberry Nails Party on friday! :)





2 thoughts on “Oreo Brittle- STUPID EASY.

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