4 Months into the Real World..Job Interviews, Day trips, Enjoying the Passage of Time

Since this blog originally started as my transition from college to the real world I decided I should probably make a post about that!!!

Four months in and I am missing college more than ever. It was hard to see everyone go back to school, and start off the new year with out us seniors. I guess college really does go on even if were not there. It was also hard because most of my friends are still in school, and a few of them starting at new colleges, all new college life. So I was insanely jealous.

My room mate recently updated her status that said this and I thought it summed it up pretty well:

“yeah…call it denial, call it immaturity, call it whatever you want. i miss my friends at school. i miss having all day sunday to recover from saturday night. i miss drinking the night before an exam, the night of a basketball game, or just any night. i miss being an athlete. i miss walking to cvs/roche bros/bogarts/bsp for all of my life needs. i miss going to class and seeing everyone i wanted to see for the day plus more. i.miss.college”

So its been a very hard adjustment, I had no where to go once September came. But I was DETERMINED to have one next adventure. I couldn’t fathom working every day forever. I explored many options. I did get my SLPA License though! (Speech Langauge Pathologist Assistant) I have that for when I am ready for my real job. I thought seriously about cruise lines, and then set my mind to IT. I applied to SO many cruise lines, Disney was my DREAM. Except disney said dont even send your resume if they are no openings. There were no openings… but I said you know what. Im gonna do. What harm can come of it?

Guess who was the only cruise line that contacted me…. DISNEY.

So Life Lesson of the day:

Never Hurts to try

Honestly I used to think it was all B.S. when people were like just send in your resume anyways, just so they have it on file. it may help out, blah blah blah. WELL LOOKIE HERE. IT DOES PEOPLE. “weren’t hiring” PSHHH.

Like a great quote from the Last Sisterhood Book:

“You get older and you learn there is one sentence just four worlds long and if you can say it to yourself it offers more comfort than almost any other. It goes like this… Ready ”
“At least I tried.”

So I was ESTATIC that for once I put my bait out there, and SOMETHING BIT. A BIG FISH. actually more than  A FISH. a WHALE. of what we call DISNEY CRUISE LINES.

So here we go. Skype interview. Skype interview.? SCARY. So it was with the disney recruiter. Turns out, we didn’t even use the CAMERA! ha! It was just “phone” interview. Well I nailed it and got moved onto the NEXT STEPP. boo ya.

This was back in July, and I had to wait until SEPTEMBER for my next interview. P.S. if you are looking into applying for cruise lines, its a very lengthy process.

September comes and this time its a real Skype interview. Spent the day stressing about wifi connection, finding the perfect background and practicing mock interview questions. To be honest, I didn’t think I did my best in this interview, I felt I could be more smiley, more happy, and more “disney”. I really wasn’t sure how I did.

Meanwhile I pursued the “real world” jobs, and have an interview with South Bay Mental Health, that went great and I was offered the position. But I dont think I was reedy for that, wasn’t there MORE FOR ME OUT THERE?

So I was relieved/ecstatic when a week later I got an email from disney and the subject line reading- CONGRATULATIONS. WHOOO. Now all I had to was pass my background check (takes up too two weeks) and my physical. Jumped through hoops to get that physical.

Not sure of my sail date, or what ship I am going to be on, but I literally can not wait, I am doing the best I Can so that things run smoothly.

Until then I will be blogging/working at my old dead end job, trying to get my life MOVINNN

I also have been trying to enjoy the freedom of the real world/ without school. My room mate and I cured our no back to school blues by taking a trip to MV which was awesome. We went on september 10. a monday, WE never have been able to take a random day trip in september before in OUR LIVES. so that was pretty awesome, the island was quiet and the weather was beautiful.


Heres a few pics I took:

My precious room mate:



We waited for the bus.. on the beach. where else can u wait at a bus stop..on the beach?




The two of us:

I LOVED this shirt, its my new mantra:


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