The time we made a flash mob…

The back story:

My cousin sarah (two months younger than me) just graduated from college. In the same year her mother turned (dare i say) FIFTY, and her parents 25 wedding anniversary.

Her mother was throwing her a graduation party but Sarah wanted to turn it into a her moms surprise party to celebrate her birthday and the anniversary. So how would we do this? the idea hit us like bricks

FLASH MOB. Everyone would arrive to Sarah’s “graduation party” the flash mob would ensue, and suddenly, it would be….ROSEMARY’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.

So how do you do a flash mob? MHMM. heres the problem, but we came up with our own way and it was pretty successful.

The How To:

First pick a song: the song and choreography: We chose proud mary, because its old, and easy to dance too. A classic song. Its also a song that was in Just Dance the video game. PERFECT we could rip some of that choreography because it we knew it was easy enough for people to copy.

Next we decided to make three different groups: Sarah and I would start off the song, the plan was we would all be outside playing soccer (theres no room for flash mobs in the house). The radio would be playing and all the sudden proud mary would come on and Sarah and I would start dancing to the song, and then slowly would people join it. The first group would be “intermediate” second “moderate” and the last group was the easiest this is when the people who “couldn’t dance” would dance. haha

Practice: We emailed all the party guests, (mostly family but I have a huge family). With meeting times, to meet up and practice our flash mob. We held practices.

What to do with the out of towners? or the People who can’t make it? Make a how to video!! This was also helpful for people who wanted to practice without us.

Heres our how to:

Here is the finished product. We had so much fun performing it, even though it wasn’t perfect flash mob, it was great memories and such a fun family activity that my whole family had a blast doing!!! (we even  got our uncles to dance, thats a pretty big deal)

We all laugh hysterically at this video.My aunt June in the white pants and black shirt is the funniest, or maybe my grandmother, its a tie between us all.


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