My Second 5K

So My first 5k was the color run this summer- ( Still need to post about that)

The back story- I hated exercising- Pancreatitus and getting my gallbladder removed inspired a lifestyle change for me. I mean I did Color-guard in high school and danced in college. So it’s not like I had no form of physical activity but I wasn’t the type you would find in the gym. I decided I was going to become a runner. Everyone I knew that lost lots of weight recently, (which seemed like all my friends I thought we were supposed to gain weight in college but they all did the opposite) used to hate running and now was their man form of exercise. I began walking/ running the same route and running an extra telephone pole every time. No where near close to a mile. I also noticed inside on the treadmill I could run a lot longer- My most recent was 10 minutes.

So overall I am working my way up to running a whole 5k, but it will be a while. The color run I probably ran about .5 of a mile walked the rest. I am a serious power walker and have no problem power walking an entire 5k. I try to do that at least once a week. Running another story. So I am no shape to be running a 5k but I really want to push myself to do it.

So this was a real 5k. With real runners. Scary. The start was interesting. I hate running straight from start with no warm up. I ran the FIRST MILE! whooot. It felt like forever, I then began to power walk/ run. The route was split in half, so you had to turn around half way through. Weirddd. Did not like that. You could see all the people beating you run past you.

So overall I ran through the finish. and I completed it. My time for the first half was 17 minutes, and completed I finished in 38 minutes.

I dont know if I was feeling inspired to run more to give it up, but I really want to keep trying at it and become a real 5k runner!!! It makes me sad now that fall is here and 5ks will be no longer once winter comes. One of the many down falls of not living in California -_-. I like 5k’s because they are a true test of how well I am doing with my training.

Small steps to working my way up to my goal!



One thought on “My Second 5K

  1. That’s really great. Congrats! 38 minutes is an excellent time considering you didn’t run 100% of it. You really must be a super fast walker!

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