White Trash Cake

So ya’ll I made me some cake. My mom’s friend told me about this cake on the beach and I had to try it. So here was her description. You buy one of those throw away cake pans. ( I got the lasagna kind cuz I planned on a big ol cake). Put down the ice cream sandwiches, plop on cool whip, and squeeze on some caramel sauce, and chocolate sauce. Repeat, ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, sauce, and then crushed health bar over the top, and let it set in the freezer for while.

But here’s what I did, I got the hot fudge, and caramel from the glass. Smucker’s, I’m not a fan of the sauces. I also bought snickers bar, and Twix, and had left over oreo from my oreo brittle. Check it out here: Oreo Brittle

So I unwrapped 12 ice cream sandwiches and arranged them in my huge lasagna pan. I spread the TUB of cool whip over the whole thing, and I used about 3/4 so I am going to have to go back out for another tub. UGH.

I heated up the hot fudge, and didn’t pay attention to it… (of course) and this happened.

Sprinkled on the hot fudge and caramel. Then just when it wasn’t enough added on those oreos for a filling. I put it back in the freezer to set before I did the next layer.

And Repeat: More Ice cream Sandwiches


More cool whip, more hot fudge and caramel and THEN topped with Crushed Snickers and Twix Bars. ( I bought the small fun size bars that come in 8 packs).

So overall I was very happy that I chose the caramel and real hot fudge, because it was so tasty. The Twix and snickers were a good choice too. Such a tasty dessert and super easy to make. There are so many variations you can make with this cake, they make Neapolitan bars, mint bars, different kinds of cool whip and a variety if toppings- any candy bar, health-milky way-peppermint patties.

So we only ate some at my nail party, and then I brought it to the family party the next day, and it was A HIT! Everyone loved it.





2 thoughts on “White Trash Cake

  1. I knew I could find this yummy cake recipe on your blog! I’m going to make this for Colby’s Spag. Supper – I’m sure the team will love it!

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