Fun day with Science

….said no one…ever. UNLESS. You have been to the Boston Science Museum. Then a fun day with Science is almost guaranteed. Heres how the story starts- Lindsey surfing the web late at night instead of reading, like I should be doing- on the Library website to renew the book for the second time that I have finished the other two times, because I have been spending too much time on the computer… anyways, found out you could get the library passes ONLINE. great. I also got the discount library passes to different places with the kids, but never for myself. Why not try for one? Whats the harm? So I tried for the day pass to Boston Science Museum. and… I got it! So exciting!

Everyone should check their local library every so often, not enough people do and it is literally such a great resource for everything. They have so many free events all the time for children and adults, on my library website you can download free music! Rent movies, rent CDs and then upload them to your itunes, and never pay for music again. I mean cmon people lets rediscover the magic of libraries. like Matilda did, and look she turned out to have super power. So it cant hurt to try.

Our admission was reduced to seven dollars for each person for up too four people, for a family, that can save you a BUTT load of money. When I used the library pass for me and my three kids, we went with another family only two kids one adult, and they payed double what we payed. P.S. my library even has a free beach pass… who knew?

So I grabbed my partner in crime. My fellow sort of unemployed cousin- we both have schedules right now with usually unset hours. She drove to boston because she just bought new car, and off we went. The Museum was surpassingly easy to get to right off the exit. When we got to the Museum it was DEAD. It was wonderful!! September a great month to visit because there were NO field trips going on, and since it was a thursday children were in school. I am really enjoying the freedom of it all. I only work MWF’s, so that leaves me with Tuesdays and Thursdays, since my days are limited, I am trying to live up every day.

Now I have not been to this museum since second grade so I was really excited to go. I have very fond memories of this field trip with my beloved second grade teacher. In the lobby the stair case is a PIANO.! YOu go up and down the stairs and each stair is a different key. For 22 year olds we spent far too much time on the stair case, I was just trying to play mary had a little lamb, but decided it was impossible after ten minutes of exhaustive running up and down, splits and skipping stairs.

Before we went into the actual Museum, we decided to have lunch at the Museum Cafe. The Cafe has so many options to pick from I could not believe it. Complete with Salad Bar! So this paleo/ cave woman was happy. The view was incredible from the dining area, right on the Charles River, with a great view of Boston’s sky scrapers. There is something about fall in the city that I love. I think its because it is the perfect temperature for city walking, and the foliage is beautiful and boston is just such a green city were there are many trees to appreciate the seasons and weather. I clicked a pic of our view, can you see the paddle boarder?

The first room we went into was all models. What I loved about this Museum is yes, it was kid friendly, but also made for adults, the challenges they had, were difficult and it took me a while to get most of them, mostly because I wouldn’t read through directions.But I mean I learned about nanotechnology and how they are going to use it to cure cancer, (hopefully because cancer sucks). We had a lot of fun solving the different challenges, such as making sure disease didnt spread to my fish I was breeding, guessing items, diagnosing patients with cancer using CT scans, x rays, stopping the spread of cancer, lifting 500 pounds, guessing scents ( my favorite and expertise, my friends call me a blood hound) categorizing shells, and sneaking through the forest to hid from birds.

We stumbled upon this electricity room which was was happening to just start a show as we walked in. This show emitted electricity to music, it was so strange yet so cool, like purple lightening bolts making music. Sarah volunteered, and the man rubbed a balloon on her head and made static electricity. Her hair shot right up. It was also funny because she was broadcasted on huge T.V.s either side. I could not stop laughing and clicking pics of her. Here are a few:



After that, we found a HURRICANE machine, you know the kind you see in the mall, which I thought we would for sure have to pay extra for, but NO! So awesome, it reached up to 78 miles per hour winds, not something I would wanted to experience in real life but simulated it was awesome. We laughed and laughed.


I think the thing I was most amazed about was the Dinosaur bones. Like they found an ENTIRE dinosaur bones in the earth, and I was standing next to it. I just couldn’t fathom how old the bones were, and how cool it was to like see a Dinosaur  up close, Can’t be real that those creatures actually used to roam the planet. Blows my mind! They also had a metal structure of a Dinosaur  that since nobody was around, I decided to climb into, it made me feel pretty cool. hahahaha. I am so happy however Dinosaurs are extinct, and I am not a prey for dinosaur. Just their feet are HUGE!



We wrapped up the day, and headed to Boston College! Our mutual friend is attending BC  graduate program for nursing, and she is also an RA with a nice room! It was weird being on a college campus again, its always an adjustment  and watching her and her room mate do homework made me realize how much i DON’T miss the stress of college, and homework, my life just has so much freedom now I am really learning how to enjoy every moment of it. We watched the Premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Seriously. NINE seasons Grey’s has been doing this to me. NINE. It was such an emotional episode, and I definitely do not agree with what has happened to a lot of the characters.

Being a tourist in our own state was a great time. I think it is very important to travel, even if its only 20, 3o miles away. As I grow older I am finding more things located around me that I had no idea existed. I am taking this time that I was given and trying to enjoy every moment of it, while getting projects done, traveling, and spending time with family.


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