Wall Quote- The One Month Project

I don’t know what I was thinking when I started to do this one. I had a very large wall that I really wanted a wall quote on. I searched far and wide for ideas, you see many pictures of wall quote on tumblr cut out of magazines, I have tons of magazines, but magazine pages are thin, and I just didn’t like the idea of searching for good pages, and all the unwanted colors that come with it.

I found my quote, and I think I picked the longest quote in the world, but it was something that I would like to see every day when I woke up. It’s all about the inspiration. I thought about what I would use on it for a long time. I decided to find a pack of scrapbook paper. I went to two Michael’s and finally found “the one.” Black and White floral, paisley, stripes, all that good stuff you would want in a paper pack.


I also got it 50 % because the paper packs were on sale but I printed the weekly coupon just in case. Michael’s weekly coupons are where its at.

So I counted all the letters that this quote had, 27 E’s. 27 E’s SO you can imagine how many more letters there were.

I cut each paper in sections of four. Using my dad’s Paper Chopper.

Then I went and found font that I really liked and in the size I wanted and printed that and used that as templates for the letters. Then I painstakingly cut out EVERY. SINGLE. LETTER. it took me two days. I then arranged them all over my living room floor, so I could measure how wide and tall it was across. This was a very very exhausting task, I dont really recommend this project to anyone. Well I do, if you use a smaller quote.

I began putting this project on my wall yesterday, as my best friend kelsey sat on my bed and kept my company, we watched Dan in Real Life and the Nanny Diaries, before I even finished half. She also laughed when I chose to use a old  rocking antique chair as a ladder       ( few close calls there). I used sticky tack to apply the letters. I measured where I wanted it on the wall, about three inches down. I didn’t measure the rest of the lines after that because that is exhausting.

Today, my friend Erik came over and clicked a few pics of me mid project.


We watched Will and Grace our favorite show as I finished it up. I am very happy with it, its kind of hard to read, but I kind of like it like that. And its a good reminder to wake up to every morning. I also decided to move the pink lantern I have had hanging from attic since high school. My best friend gave it to me for Valentines day. This was way back in the day before we could drive, and I remember this because my mom took us to Walmart and we snuck around the store and bought presents for each other, and gave them to each other right after. I think I will hang it in my closet. But I love that little thing, so I cant bear to get rid of it.


The finished product. Success!!


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