Herman the German Friendship Cake

I saw this one of the many times I was scouring the internet, and I LOVED the idea. The concept is you make bread and it takes ten days, at the end of the ten days, you divide the batter into four, and give it to three friends, and bake a cake with it your self.

Here is the how to:

Herman the German Friendship Cake

It feels so cool to make this cake it is so Old Fashioned, and Fun! What a great way to bake, and realizing how timing is so important to baking. I am a bit nervous making the starter, but I think I did alright, I am on day three, and my herman is VERY bubbly, I think I added to much yeast… I have not decided who I am going to give my Herman portions too yet either, I want to make sure it is someone who can keep him alive!! I am hoping who ever I give it too, will give it back to me, so I can make more.

What is awesome about this, when it is finished, so will my Whole30, so I Will be able to enjoy the Cake! :)

I will keep updating as the ten days progress! Can’t wait to meet & eat Herman.

Update: The ten days is OVER! and so is Herman!  After ten days he was looking good and I baked him into a tasty cake!!

The cake has a very unique taste because it it is sourdough, and next time I would like to just bake the bread, and not add any ingredients.


Here is Herman before the oven


Herman all baked and tasty!


I divided Herman up and tried to decide on what Loved Ones would love him the most. First I picked Audrey and Amy (my baby cousins). They were SO EXCITED to receive herman. They were speaking of him as if he was a real person and Amy says “Look at his bubbles Lindsey HE IS SOOO CUTEE”

Here is Herman going home with Audrey and Amy- look how excited.


Her face covered in chocolate from Chocolate Peppermint cookies. 

The next person is Vavo! She loved the idea of it and thought it was so funny that I gave her a gift that she had to make. She said it was the most unique thing she has ever received.


There are so many other people I would like to give Herman to but I only have one more left, and no car :( so I am hoping herman makes it somewhere soon!

I hope Herman comes back to my one day, and we get to hear all about his new adventures!



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