End of my Whole30

Thirty days of Paleo, it was… rough.

I learned a lot about myself and my eating habits. I was miserable/cranky/irritable, and every other horrible personality trait you can think of. As you can read about here: Beginnings of Paleo.

By day 14 I lost count of what day I was on, eating Paleo became normal, and I no longer thought constantly about the foods I was “missing” out on.

I think my favorite part of the diet is not weighing yourself until the end, Helps not obsessing over weight and just feeling good. I have no goal weight because I just want to feel good in clothes, in life and feel most important HEALTHY. I decided step one is to not be ashamed of my weight and openly share it, and even to the world, via Senior2realworld. :) I felt the changes, I felt good. My jeans from last winter were so loose I could not wear them. Even some yoga pants were loose. At the end of the 30 days I am  unsure of how much weight I lost, because I didn’t weigh myself before. I can tell you: before I had my gallbladder surgery I was at 222. After my surgery and not eating for 14 days and at my lowest skinniest nastiest point of the recovery time I was at 198. I began to gain weight once I was eating again. (duh) and I got frustrated and stopped weighing myself after 212. This was well before Paleo. After Whole30, I weighed in at 206.5

The first introduction I had was Graham Central Station Ice cream. To reintroduce sugar and dairy. I felt good. no stomach ache, Could not believe it. I had cheated (oops) through out the diet, very little, a bite of cookie here, food not cooked in coconut oil and I felt as though, I would die. My body rejected the idea of any of this, so I was surprised when I felt fine. I would also get extreme sugar headaches, my body was NO SUGAR. OWW. I had to go for a modified barium swallow and they made me eat graham crackers and honey nectar and fruit cups and I felt so gross after that I could barely shake it for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately the next day was my Cookies and Cocktails Party. Where I indulged in cookies and alcohol. Except I really didn’t have that many cookies because they made my tummy weird, and I really didn’t drink much of the cocktails. I had SEVERE acid reflux issues. Luckily my Dr. before I got off Paleo prescribed reflux medicine because food was traveling down my esophagus slower than normal.  I especially noticed this with carbs such as bread, cookies anything like that. But it was painful, un sure if I had this problem before and ignored it because I felt crappy all the time or if it is actually worse now.

I also BURP ALL THE TIME off the diet now. I am currently on vacation and traveling through various family members and I dont want to be that person a “diet” and difficult when it comes to meals because they are already nice enough to let me stay with them and cook for me! I am still making healthy choices when I can. (yesterday at the airport I picked a grilled chicken salad) over subway, the many chinese foods and sushi and mexican I really WANTED.

Once I return home from Vacation Paleo will begin again. But my own version of Paleo so it can become more manageable for me and a lifestyle.  For example, I am going to eat beans, and maybe the occasional piece of chocolate and dessert if its special occasion. I want to learn more about what triggers my  acid reflux!


2 thoughts on “End of my Whole30

  1. Congrats on making it through! Awesome!!! I am really getting into this whole30 thing, and it’s great to find others on the same path. I’m finding a ton of great websites, and linking to them on my blog for great non whole30 recipes that are still paleo. That’s code for sweets are allowed, just the right kind. Have a great vacation!

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