My first attempt at String Art

I wanted to try string art, and so I came up with a little present I could send my cousin.

She lives in Michigan and I live in MA so I thought I could do both states with a cute quote.

I started off with tracing the states from the computer and cutting those out, and then using them to nail around. Of Course I recommend “anchoring” the picture with a few nails around. 

My materials I used were nails my dad had in the garage. Some people use fancy craft store nails but I didn’t find it necessary. I think the trick to the nails are to have a big head and short body. 

I painted a old piece of wood for the base. 

The string I used was not the thin kind of string some people used. I just bought a bag of the string you make friendship bracelets out of. 

Then the nailing process began, I just put nails as close together as they could be and to be honest it was exhausting. Once both states were nailed, I ripped them off the board. 

There is no rhyme or reason or pattern as to how I did it, I started with a knot to begin and rolled with it. Whatever looks good go with, I did no exact pattern, some people don’t cross over but I saw do whatever you think looks good! 

I finished it up with some paint, but using carbon paper my dad gave me I was able to trace a nice font and transfer it to my art and then paint over that. 

I sent it to my cousin in Michigan for christmas and she loves it. I am so happy!!!! I look forward to making more string art for different reasons! 



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