Funfetti Donuts- Box Critique

My cousin snapped me a picture of these to me and I texted her asking if they were good and she said yes!

I decided to try to them on a whim one weeknight.

The recipe couldn’t be  easier, Butter and water for the batter. I fit all the holes on one pan, and they cooked in like 12 minutes. I burnt the bottom of some of them.  The glaze you just add 2 teaspoons of milk.

They really smelled like chocolate donuts. I liked the taste, but it was a definite donut taste. They couldn’t be passed of for brownies or anything like that.

Over all recommended easy box recipe!!



Spring Rolls and Thai Peanut Dipping Sauce

I really enjoyed the Spring Rolls that Not Your average Joe’s had on the menu, so I tried to recreate them! They are pretty healthy for you, depending on how much sauce you choose to dip them in J. I make mine with few ingredients and without the crunch of noodles because I feel that just adds extra carbs. You can also add a few leaves of basil which some people may do. You can really pick any vegetable that you enjoy to add to our spring rolls. Below I will include what I often use:

  • ·         Bag of Carrots ( like to buy the presliced from the grocery store)
  • ·         One Cucumber
  • ·         Two Avocados
  • ·         Few leaves of Spinach
  • ·         One package of rice rolls ( I find them in international aisle of stop and shop)

First thing I do is chop all the vegetables into stick like shapes. I chop the avocado in half and slice it. It is almost a fine art to get the Spring roll paper to do what you want it. I watched a few youtube videos before I got the hang of it. My cousin Carly can actually do it much better than I. I will try to explain my technique.

Fill one pie pan with hot water. I used my water right out of our faucet because it comes out so hot, but you may also microwave.

Place one rice paper into water, be sure to poke all edges down into water because it has a tendency to roll. You will know when it is ready to come out of the water when you can no longer see the lines on the paper, and it becomes “gushy”. Take the paper out and lay it on flat surface, I usually use cutting board. Fill with ingredients, I fill like it’s a burrito. Luckily the paper is very forgiving so its easy to reroll and it sticks to itself.

I use this diagram to help place the food:


Don’t make these too far ahead of your party or else they will turn hard. They don’t keep longer than a day.

I’ve tried all different kinds of peanut sauce, I still haven’t found one I am in love with but I will show you a combination of recipes Ive used.

  • ·         3 Tablespoons of peanut butter.( I’ve used natural, and normal chunky peanut butter I like both its just preference)
  • ·         One tablespoon of soy sauce (NOT reduced sodium)
  • ·         One tablespoon of Honey
  • ·         The juice of one squeezed lemon
  • ·         Heavy Cream (or half n half or milk) And this you add until creamy, I usually use 2-3 tablespoons.Combine all ingredients

Serve Rolls chilled with peanut sauce on side J