Hopping Across the Pond

I’ve recently embarked on my first journey to Europe! Lauren my english friend from the ship came to visit me and now I have gone home with her. I Filled her trip with the most we could, including Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Providence and even NYC! We are certainly tired from our American portion of the trip, its nice to be here now.

Our flight left at 1045 at night but it was delayed. Which meant we spent extra time in the airport and extra time on the plane when we landed. 9 hour plane ride… it was horrible. But it was the first time I was served meals on the plane. I got pasta dinner which was tasty and a croissant for breakfast. When we arrived to London it was about 11 am. Lauren’s boyfriend and her boyfriends friend picked us up. It was hard for us to fit our luggage into the tiny english car. Driving on the wrong side of the road was an adjustment for me. Seeing all the english version of American cars was hilarious. It took us about an hour to get home from the airport. I was excited to fly into Healthrow airport although I didn’t see much of it.

Lauren’s parents are on holiday so we have the house to ourselves for the week which is nice. I love her house. She lives in a place called Hampshire. The roads are so tiny here and everything is very hilly. She has a lovely back garden ( backyard). One problem is she has 3 kitties, and I’m highly allergic. The house is decorated so cute, and it feels so English. Lauren had me tea and crumpets, I really tried to like tea but I just cant. The crumpets she served with butter. Her stove has a toaster built in, just for crumpets. The fridge is small and behind a cupboard. Everything in general is smaller here. The freezer and laundry is in a separate room you have to go outside to get to. They have built this great glass sun room that is super nice. The garden is built on a hill. It has two separate patios in the hill and everything is super private.

The first day I was here we relaxed a bunch and then went grocery shopping. I enjoyed seeing all the English groceries, American versions of some of the products. I Got a lot of tasty things, digestives. cadbury chocolate, mullen yogurt, pretzels and hummus, cornish pasties. My grocery shopping cost me 15 pounds. Most credit cards here have chips in them and you insert them rather than swipe. So at a cash register it takes a while and they actually really check your signature. My first meal Lauren made me was a collection of things found in her freezer, potato pancakes, fish and prawn cakes and chicken. Lauren got crisps ( chips) at the store, prawn flavoured .Which sounded so disgusting to me but when I actually ate them they were so tasty! On the way home we stopped for gas and when Lauren went in the store to pay the man said your friend in the car looks really tired. Hahaha We watched American TV and went to bed early.

Woke up this mornin at 11 am. Which means I got 13 hours of sleep. We hung around and she made me a scone which had clotted cream, jam and strawberry on it. It was so delicious. We took a walk around the neighbourhood. The roads are small and kind of scary to walk, we also walked a foot path. It is so pretty out here in the country of England. All the houses were very english, all cottage like. There is a bar down the road I hope to get to soon. The funniest part is that none of the houses have addresses. Each house has a name, which is how to distinguish between each. Laurens house name is Rosebank, I don’t understand how that works when your giving someone directions Lauren said it is quite difficult.

London tomorrow and I cant wait!!!

English words I’ve learnt :
Lay-by : small parking spot off the road
Holiday – vacation
Petrol- Gas
Hen Party: Bachelorette
Cinema- movies
Flannel – Wash Cloth


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