Today was most exciting part of the trip yet -London! We woke up around “half seven” left the house and drove an hour to Lauren’s “nan” and “granddads”. After spending some time there eating toast we walked to the train station called stoneleigh. Let me tell you when they say mind the gap they actually mean it . The gap is large but inside the train is pretty great. There’s small handles on top of seats to make it easy for people to move about. And in the standing areas there are a bum cushion to lean against . It’s the little things really.

We got off at Waterloo station. Walked outside and there was the London eye! We had already bought tickets so we just hopped right on. Lauren also got us fast pass tickets so we skipped the line! We got into our pod and began our adventure over the city! It was really cool to see an aerial view of London!

When we got off the eye we walked over the west minster bridge- right up to Big Ben. The streets have signs painted on the ground to tell you where to look when crossing the road – it’s so hard to get the hang of . Then we walked over to west minster abbey. One thing I noticed about London is that women wear sneakers in their work attire. Nylons dresses and sneakers Lauren says they change before they go into work . It was so strange to see .

Then from there we walked to a couple of squares. We saw some guards walking around- which I assumed was changing of the guards … They didn’t have red coats or furry hats I was told that was for special occasions. Horse guard parade led us to beautiful park which is how we walked to bucking ham palace . Tourists everywhere! Pretty cool to see and I was so amazed at how close and walkable every attraction was.

We then were starving and went on a hunt for a place that yelp said had the best fish and chips. We are outside under a tent next to a couple that ended up being from Boston – who were very familiar with Dartmouth. Small world. Our fish and chips cost us about 18 pounds. They were so tasty. The place is supposedly world famous and rightfully so. Thanks yelp! We then found a place with macaroon filled with gelato . We tried that so tasty! Then sat at the next bakery we saw we had the funniest sarcastic French waiter .

From there I found an English grocery store marks and Spencer’s . It was so posh. I had a ball!! Then we figured out the bus system and took about 35 minute bus ride to London bridge. It has aqua accents so I especially loved it. When I saw the London bridge it made it so real .

Funny things about to London – some parts are SO old and some parts are SO new. Modern modern buildings right next to buildings that were hundreds of years old. In turn everything is under construction .

Getting around is so easy! We bought a travel card that got us on the train, the tube and even the red double decker buses! It’s brilliant!

Every inch is under security cameras. You look anywhere and you literally see 8 security cameras. Streets , parks , buses and trains . You’re being watched. Police were only evident in front of big landmarks – but not really anywhere else! I felt much safer than I originally thought I would .

Tipping is optional. If you tip- it’s only if the server did an excellent job and then it’s only 10 % tip!

We saw the whole city in six hours! Exhausting but wonderful!


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