South Hampton and Paris !

After London we slept in for a bit :). Once we got dressed we headed out to ASDA , a store kind if comparable to walmart. I enjoyed that (obviously). The drive was about an hour- and I love driving through the back roads of England. Through the hills and trees and tiny weird highways. The funniest part about England is you’ll be driving for miles through curvy winding back roads. You won’t see a single convenience store or gas station. But you will see a pub. Cute little pubs almost every five miles. Even in Lauren’s small neighborhood they only thing in walking distance is a pub. I don’t know how these pubs survive in the middle of farm lands without even any houses near by but it seems to work!

We arrived at a shopping center in south Hampton. The center is pretty close to the water and I could see a few cruise ships! There is a store all the nursery girls used to talk about called Primark It’s comparable to forever 21 – super super cheap clothes and Accessories. Here I got a Big Ben shirt and some English socks. Made for some cheap souvenirs! We walked around the shops some more until it was time to head back.

Lauren took me to the pub where she used to live and work. We got drinks and sat in the garden. The pub was so big , it had three levels and she told me she lived on the top. So English!

From there we went to met our old ship friend Lou. She was our nursery manager, and her and Lauren now work together. It was so fun for the three of us to be together. I was so happy to see her and we talked ship gossip most of the time. I love that I can go almost anywhere in the world and meet up with people from the ship :).

We came home and got packed for our Paris adventure! We went to bed at 1130 and had to wake up at 3 am to get to our train that left from London at 540. So running on a few hours of sleep and having such a Long day ahead of us worried us a bit. Driving through London as such an early hour (4 am). I got see lots of parts I hadn’t seen initially. We did so many of the tourist bits the day before I didn’t see the “real” London – where the people actually live and work. I recognized a few places from the movie Parent Trap :).
I also saw Harrods, as we drove through Chelsea. It was so so beautiful!

We arrived at St. Pancras station. We had to go through customs and security. We took the euro star, which was about 2 1/2 hour ride. Beautiful views of England and Paris. We were nervous about navigating our way around Paris, neither of us able to speak French. We knew we had to take the metro to the office of the tour bus we wanted to take. We did really well with that, switching over two lines and when we walked out of the metro the office was right there! When we first stepped onto the metro a man was playing the accordion… It couldn’t of gotten any more French.

The bus we bought tickets to was called LE open tour. A double decker bus that makes 50 stops in Paris and you can hop on and off whenever you want to. We first accidentally hopped on a line we didn’t want to take first. The yellow line, which brought us all through the heart of the city . Which ended up being pretty awesome because we saw so many things without getting off the bus. The bus is also equipped with headphones so you get a lovely audio tour while your driving around. We saw things like moulin rouge, opera house , and lots of other really old buildings.

We then got on the right track and hopped on over to the green line. The first stop we got off at was the Lourve. So many people there!!! Such a gorgeous place and it was so huge!!! Lauren’s tourist book gave us a tip on a secret entrance and we didn’t have to wait in the absurd line which saved us so much time. When we first got there we did a really tourist thing and pAid 1.50 € for the bathroom. We knew that there had to be free bathrooms around but we couldn’t take it we had to go so bad!!! It costs us 12 € to get into the museum which was disappointing but we had to see the Mona Lisa . The Lourve is so huge and filled with so much art we didn’t even see a fourth of it . You can probably spend two days there just soaking in all the art. We saw two major things Mona Lisa and Venus de milo.

Next stop was the lock bridge! We bought locks from a street vendor and Lauren and I both wrote our names and our boyfriends names on the lock and found a nice spot on the bridge and threw the keys! It was so to do it’s something I’ve always wanted to do!

We then stopped at Norte dame – which was stunning . We got a baguette sandwich and ate it on the street with a view of Norte dame and we couldn’t of been happier. This sandwich was SO tasty .

During our trip to Paris Lauren and I were HYPER aware of our surroundings. Being real conscious of being pick pocketed. We didn’t allow ourselves to be relaxed and kept a constant hand our baggage. (Which was so tiny we traveled very very light) we never ran into trouble, or witnessed any trouble thank goodness !

We drove by the arc de triumphs. Decided not to get off the bus cuz we had a wonderful view of the arc right from the bus!

Next stop was Eiffel Tower ! It was amazing to pull up to it and see it in real life. Of course the bottom was under renovation so you couldn’t look up it. But it was amazing none the less. Park around it was very un impressive. We spent some time there in the grass but it was honestly just Nothing.

Our last stop was Sacre croux. Amazing amazing building. Lots and lots of stairs and wonderful gardens and fountains. Beautiful views of Paris skyline. We got street crepes here and split a Brie cheese baguette . It really doesn’t get better than that.

We took metro back to the station where Lauren got smooshed in the doors and I almost lost her she screamed for me and I pulled her into the train.

Every part of Paris is gorgeous . There’s not a new and a old part . It’s all old and every building is just built with such detail. Like in other major cities there are usually 2 or 3 landmarks that are old and have beautiful Architecture but for Paris it’s literally every single building ! What a break taking city.

Train ride back was beautiful watching the sunset over hills of Paris and then hills of England. It was a 22 hour day but we enjoyed every second!


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