Faffin about

After our trip to Paris we were exhausted and allowed ourselves to sleep in. Our manager from the ship Annabel now works at Legoland in Windsor, and we decided to head there for a visit!

The drive was about 45 minutes. She works as guest experience manager at the Legoland Windsor hotel. She was at the doors greeting us when we arrived. We were amazed at the intricate Lego theme through out the hotel – it was tiny about four floors but so awesome! She gave us free passes for the park.

The park is made for young children but we still really enjoyed it. First ride we did was Atlantis where you sat in a submarine and rode through an aquarium. Next we walked over to mini land. It has Lego replicas of all the places we’ve seen this vacation. So cool! It even has the nasa space center in Florida which I thought was random.

Next ride we went on was a sky ride that took us for a tour over the mini land. Next we walked through a Lego Star Wars exhibit. Right as we started I said to Lauren I don’t like it in here it’s dark and I feel like I’m gonna trip. Two seconds later I tripped and broke my flip flop. I walked through the rest of the exhibit shoeless. When I got out Lauren tried to fix it with a hair elastic. That lasted 3 seconds. We found a store that sold flip flops but obviously couldn’t find a pair in my size. I ended up buying an ugly pair of flip flops for 14 pounds that were a size to small. Lauren was like why do these things only happen to you!?

We then went on legolands biggest roller coaster. It was a good time. We met up
With Annabel after her shift ended. She gave us a tour of the hotel, each floor has a different theme.

We then ate at the hotels restaurant. We got Lego shaped fries for the table and I got chicken taziki skewer thing. The English love their curry, which is so strange to me. After the restaurant we drove into Windsor and went to tesco for a bit. Then I saw the Windsor castle!! The queen was in because they raise a certain flag when she is there. We had so much fun with Annabel we couldn’t stop laughing. We fell right back into and we couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen each other in 18 months! On the drive home I was talking to Lauren how Annabel was only on the ship for 5 weeks and it’s amazing how close we are with each other. Being back on land gives you much better perspective into ship life. 5 weeks at a land job would not create the friendship our ship job did.

The next day was an early morning to head to a place called Thorpe park which is an amusement park. We went with Lauren’s boyfriend and his friend tom. We had a fun day riding various roller coasters. It’s a lot like six flags. Some of the coasters were really intense! It ended up being a really nice day. We’ve really lucked out with weather!

We came back to James house to get ready to go out. He ordered Chinese food and I couldn’t believe how different it was from American Chinese. The only menu similarities I found were boneless spare ribs and chow mein. We ordered Kung po chicken, crispy chili beef, prawn toast, prawn crackers and egg fried rice. The prawn toast was like sesame toast stuffed with prawn filling, I didn’t really like it. The prawn crackers I loved, I have no idea how to explain them it’s like a airy chip, google it you’re interested.

We then got dressed to head out to the clubs in south Hampton. We had a good time there was a lot of American music at every place we went, more American than English. The English love the techno pretend Spanish music, it was hilarious. It was weird to be amongst 18 year olds (that is the drinking age in England). We had a good time! Today were heading back to Lauren’s house to have dinner with her family, we will relax there for the rest of the weekend !



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