Tooth fairy DIY Costume

As always I made my own costume for Halloween night . I have always LOVED the tooth fairy and thought it would be a perfect costume! How ever I did not want to go over board with the fairy theme.

I started with making my own tutu with silk ribbon and white and blue tule. I did small stripes of blue tule.

For my fairy wand I picked up a wand from the dollar spot which was star shaped. I cut the white felt into tooth shape and trimmed the star so tooth would completely cover it.

I found a burlap bag at walmart which I used the same teeth cut out to paste onto the bag to carry around for my “purse”

I wore a plain pink shirt and tutu over my leggings with sparkly shoes.

I bought wings from eBay for 3 dollars !!

For my boyfriend I wanted him to be the tooth, so once again I cut a tooth out of felt and glued it to his shirt !!!l






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