Another on a whim craft… Guest Signing Canvas

So I liked the idea of making millions and millions of crafts for my grad party…. Apparently, because I couldn’t stop.

I wanted something that I everyone could sign, but not like you’re traditional friggin matted frame with a picture of you smiling cheesingly with your cap, gown and degree. (mostly¬†because¬†I already made another project with that picture).

When I got my IPad, I found this picture of an anchor that says The adventure begins, and it stuck with me because I liked it. So I brainstormed and brainstormed how I could incorporate this into a guest signing thing.

So I went to Michaels bought a two pack of cavases, because they were cheaper that way. I still have a blank canvas I plan on doing another fun activity with.

So I painted on the saying and had my dad help me paint trace the anchor. I am a HORRIBLE artisit/ drawer. My grandfather was an Artist for a living and I have many fond memories of taking art lessons in his studio every saturday morning, but I just never got the magic. I guess I use it in crafting.

I hung it up at the party on one of my papas old easels, and everyone signed it! I love it, its a great momento, and its the colors of room so I cant wait to find/ make the perfect frame for it and hang it in my room! :)


One of my favorite signatures if the one in spanish!