How did this happen? How it did it become August? My life is so drastically different, yet exactly the same and this is such a weird time in my life. I cant wait to write about it.

First thing first as I type this I realize that I have not typed over maybe 25 words this entire summer. I miss typing, and I miss the sound it makes. Since I am not in school I have almost no use for my wonderful mac, (since my IPad) and I only use it when the Ipad is dead. The longest things I have typed this summer is my searches into google.

Which when I look at my google search history, it sort of makes me laugh. Google search history can tell a lot about a person, and where they are at in their life.

I am going to explain where my life is at through my google search history. Starting from April. Google searches will be Bolded and Italized. and yes- these are my legit google searches.

What are sypytoms of apendicitus?

So only a few short days after my last post, my life changed pretty drastically. It was your typical thursday night at college. Farm Baby bunnies in the crimson lounge as a part of the end of the year celebration, and afterwords we walked over to Crimson Dining, where I ate fried clams which Ashcow thought where “ball things”. Since it was raining we decided to have a “sneaker” night at bogarts. Come home and get dressed head out to Bogs, which I think we ended up at the Riv that night, and I drove Meghans car, but she wasn’t there. This is because her car was parked outside because we spent the entire afternoon shopping for Senior Ball shoes and accessories, which was coming on that friday. I had booked a hotel room for my room mates so we could go up early, swim, get ready together, pre-game and then head downstairs just to where Senior Ball was. It was a great plan and we were all super excited.

ANYWHO, after the Bar we stop at Mcdonalds, because hello, I was OBSESSED with Mcdoubles, and I was the DD and needed some sort of fun to that night. I get my usual McDouble and we head home. At Mcdonalds I took a “shot” of Dr. Pepper. Since I was no longer drinking soda, since I cut cold turkey sophomore year of college because I was afraid of the life long addiction. My ribs, and back began to start hurting like they often did when I had soda. So I chalked it up to that and tried to sleep. Ash pags was in my room and I told her that I was actually in serious pain, she told me to sleep it off and as she left she told Meghan to watch me because I was having contractions. who slept in the common room at the time because of my snoring, (because of extremely enlarged tonsils from mono). The pain was very weird because it was every EXCEPT my stomach, and I had no feelings of nausea just extreme extreme pain in upper ribs, lower right abdomen and back. As soon as Meg fed me a tum, I began throwing up, which was strange because I had no stomach symptoms. I knew something was wrong because the pain I was experiencing was like no other and the throwing up just didn’t match up. I didnt sleep a wink that night and it was the most miserable night of my life. I decided to wait till 6 am to call my mother and tell her something was wrong with me which I thought was appendicitis. We decided to wait until health servies opened and to go from there. Meghan drove me over to health services where the lady thought for sure it was my apendix but when I told her I had extreme back pain, she said it was from pulling a muscle from throwing up. She said I needed to get to the ER right away. This made me very upset because the Senior Ball was that night, and the hotel room was booked! Meghan my kind kind room mate drove me to St Lukes, where I waited two hours in the waiting room in extreme pain. They ran blood work and told me I had pancreatitus, caused by gall stones and that I needed to be omitted over night.

I cried right there in the ER becuase this meant I was missing my senior ball. Still upsets me that I didnt attend. :( But my room mates took my picture to the ball, I went swimming, and drank and even ate my prime rib and managed to squeze in some awesome dance moves.

Overnight at the hospital turned into Five days and four nights. WITHOUT EATING. No FOOD. NO WATER. It was tortue, I got an MRI too. more torture. There was a lot of back and fourth on what was actually wrong with me. and it was extremely fustrating. I missed four finals due to my hospital visit and the timing couldnt be worse. LAST SEMESTER EVER, SENIOR YEAR, and I am hospitalized!

What foods can you eat on a Low Fat Diet?

When I returned back to school I was on a strict no fat, and no drinking diet. This pretty much ruins your life in college, and I could not eat at the dining halls because there is nothing there that did not contain fat.

Despite my many set backs, I was determined to finish out my Senior year with a bang.   I went bogarts almost every night the last week of school, and we made a YOLO countdown, so that we knew that our days were numbered and that we needed to live up every moment we had. AS the days grew closer more and more pressure grew about WHAT TO DO ON THE LAST NIGHT OF COLLEGE. What does one do on the last night of college EVER?

Somehow we decided to begin with room mate dinner, which was a Mexcian Resturaunt Fiestas, we all had never been there and then fell in love and kicked ourselves in the butt for never going the past four years. We came back to the room and cleared all of the furniture out of the common room. and COVERED the floor in shaving cream. Thats right, we had a shaving cream slip n slide in our room. It was so much fun sliding around our empty room. When else in life can you do that? Next we moved all of our matresses out in the common room and had one big slumber party and reflected back on our college expierences and our favorite memories by candle light. The night couldnt have been more perfect.

The next day it was pouring rain and we still had to move our stuff out by 12 pm. It was a super bummer and the weather matched our moods. Jared, came to sign us out, and I walked out of the building for the last time I was OVERCOME with emotions. I began to cry, I couldnt believe it was the last time that I would be walking out of home, and walking out of BSC as a student. Because we just could not let go yet, Ashcow Meg and I went to good days in bridgewater to have breakfast/ lunch. Then I made my way home, my last venture home from BSC.

Pom De Circumstance

Thats right, graduation. I played this song a lot before my graduation. I like to play songs that make me depressed from some reason when I am feeling depressed, and this song, it gets to me. I decided to go to BSC the night before and stay at Toni’s house, this way I wouldnt have a long drive ahead of me in the morning and I could wake up and just walk right over to graduation. Now my high school graduation was a miserable, miserable experience.  So i was DREADING college graduation. But I woke up in the morning in a great mood, and it was fun to get ready with everyone and then walk over together through the neighborhood in our caps and gowns.

When we got there we were given a number and then sat in order. I was sitting next to all COMMD girls, which was an entirety of two rows. So I knew everyone around me , but I was stuck in between veronica who was obnoxious, and tan horse, who was also obnox. As we began walking to the tent, I saw Ashpags, who was SO DISORIENTATED. I will never ever forget that moment, IT was SO FUNNY. As we file in, they video taped you and projected your face over the big screens that hung above the tent, me not knowing this, thought that I was awesome that I was on camera and began waving like a frantic lunatic. We took our seats and everyone pretty much did what the wanted, I was texting the friends that were not around me to talk about the ceremony, and tlaked with my friends. IT was perfect temperature and I have no complaints from the entire ceremony. Mayor of New bedford, Scott Lang spoke and he did a great job .I suddenly got a lot of anxiety when it was getting close for them to say my name and walk across stage. Me who has performed on stage countless times was afraid to walk across the stage for three seconds. Toni sat in front of me and I told her I was really nervous and she said dont worry about it Linds. As her row stood up and she was about to walk up Toni looked at me and said “I feel awesome Linds”. Right in that moment I knew I had noting to worry about and that this was a  HUGE moment, and I wasnt going to waste it on anxiety about walking across the stage. I think my six inch heels had alot to do with my anxiety. Overall it was such an awesome ceremony, and I would re live it everyday of my life if I could.

Afterwords I went home, very depressed and went out to eat with my family. I could tell my dad was excited to give my graduation gift, but I had NO idea what it could be. They gave it to my after dinner and it was an IPAD! I WAS SO excited. Then they told me to read the note they had written on it. I open the note, and maybe I should share here what exactly it said:

Dear Lindsey,

Congratulations on graduating from COLLEGE!!  And for making the Deans List!!!  9 classes, 21 credits in your last semester… You rock!  

We want you to use this iPad as a tool for your first professional position.  Hopefully it will bring you luck in landing the perfect job.

There are just no words to express how proud we are of you.  You made the best of your four years at Bridgewater State (and your semester at California State!)  You made great friends and had so many fun and wonderful experiences.  We love the adult you have become, even though you say you will never grow up.

While you have been working hard at  school and successfully passing all of your classes, Daddy has been working hard at saving money.  He would like you to enter the workforce without having to worry about a large debt.  So he is sending you out into the real world with an iPad and a fresh start!  Zero debt!  No student loans!  No Federal  Unsubsidized Loans, no Federal Subsidized Loans, no personal loans!  Zip, zilch, nada.

We love you and we are excited to see what your future brings.


Daddy and Momma

So as you can imagine I was SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY. Being a child that yes was fortunate, but never had anything handed to me, I appreciated this greatly. I was always taught that my parents don’t owe me something, and neither did the world. If I wanted something I should work for it. I am happy I am raised this way, because I have many friends who believe that their parents owe them something and get upset when Mom and Dad make them pay for something on their own. So for me to learn this lesson, yet not have to worry about student loans anymore, which I have been worrying about since I applied for them and have been paying interest on them. My whole college career, I was the one who applied for loans, signed the loans, payed the extra in which my loans did not cover. Now its all being taken care for me. and I cant beleive it!!!

Pros and Cons of having Gallbladder Removed?

After much research I decided that I wanted to have my Gallbladder removed. because lets face it, a low fat diet and no drinking just isnt realistic at the age of 22. It was no wonder why drinking made me sick my whole life and why I felt like my body rejected achohol…. it was BECAUSE IT WAS. Pancreas was a by alcohol.  So the next problem was finding a doctor who would remove my gallbladder after just one attack. Heres the thing, that attack was the most painful thing of my life and it was not something I EVER wanted to deal with again. My Family has a rich gallbladder history, and and many members in my family have suffered for years in gallbladder attacks because Drs would not remove them. I did  not want this to be me, nor did I want to live in fear of having another attack, which would probably be at the most inconvenient time.

Risks of Double Surgery

Thats right, I some how finagled my way into double surgery. Tonsilectomy, and my gallbladder removed at the SAME TIME! I was excited scared/ and nervous. Surgery day was a little bit nerve racking, I woke up in extreme pain, the air they pump into you to make your stomach blow up like a balloon makes everything really painful. Of course I was nauseas and threw up. I stayed there extra late after the thing closed because I was in so much pain, and I did not want to have to move and go home. Doctor made me go home due to risk of infection.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

Yep, thats right, High Fever and coughing my guts out. I got pneumonia, as if the recovery already wasn’t rough enough. I was out for a good two and half weeks and it was a really difficult time in my life but I perserved and made it through!

Is it normal to bleed after Tonsillectomy?

yeah, I started coughing blood, extreme blood, it was digusting but I never did anything about it. I am also still having trouble swallowing, but I am being referred to the ENT for dysphagia.

Kids activities in 02747

Thats right I agreed to one more summer with the kids, because HECK. Whats one more summer of swimming, fun and beach?

How to do a New born Photo shoot. 

PAM had her baby! It took forever to come out. literally. They said two weeks early and he was born on the 21st, which was one day before his due date. It was a hard week, the hospital would not take her becuase they didnt have any beds available. I went to the hopsital with her a few times, and she ended up having a C-section so her recovery was long and  even hard for me to watch, I felt her stomach pain!!! But Adam Joseph is here! He is so easy going, and right now not even two months yet. I finally did a photo shoot with him today, it was alright but not as good as I was hoping for.


Hope Studio Classes

I had a new lease on life and I wasnt going to sit around and let myself get fat anymore. Since I was eating I was dropping weight rapidly, and my height I lost 24 pounds. Gained almost half of that back, but I guess thats what happens when you eat. I thought yoga would be a good way to introduce fitness again in my life since I took the class at bridgewater. WRONG. It was hot YOGA. Hip hop yoga, and it was hard. But I decided that I wanted to become a runner, becuase of the upcoming 5k.

Aidens Pub  Bristol Hours

My new favorite place for the summer. Its outside, on the water, things we dont have in Dartmouth. So this was very exciting to be able to be outside and just enjoy a drink. Everyone fell in love too and we were going up to two times a week.

Marathon Sports Mansfield

I have a major shinsplit problem and Mom thought we should go get fitted for shoes, so this is what we did, I like my shoes, however now having them for a few months I am realizing that in fact I dont think they fit me right which makes me SO ANGRY. I have been excersising two times a week. because well I have a new lease on life, and I want it to be a healthy one. If only I could put the sweets DOWN.

Where to get Kegs 02747

Thats right, my graduation party was up and coming and I wanted it to be a BLOW OUT BANGA. I insisted on a keg, even though I don’t drink beer, I thought my graduation guests would enjoy.

Jello Shot Recipes

I wanted to make million of jello shots, so we pulled out the old mini fridge and I made over 350 jello shots. Every different kind, and there were also strawberry shots, and chocolate pudding shots there as well.

Anchor Tattoos 

I bought anchor tattoos on line, because I decided that the party theme should be anchors due to my recent obsession with everything anchors.

How to make Bunting

I made and ironed my OWN bunting. I was very proud of it. I am going to hang it in my room.

How to Make Pom Poms

Thats right even made my own Poms Poms that hung from the tent.

Anchor Template

I spray painted anchors to the table cloth.

Cheap Paper Lanterns

There were hanging lanterns everywhere at my party and they looked wonderful. Basically I dedicated my life to this party and wanted every detail to be beautiful and perfect, and I think I achieved it! The party was so fun, it went by way to fast and I was afraid of all my circles of life mixing together to make one successful party. But it went off without a hitch, and it was so much fun. I cant even begin to explain so many memories, and people are still talking about it. A party that will go down in infamy.

Color Run 5k 

Our only plan after graduation, finally here! Stayed at Meghan’s the night before. Woke up super early to run it, Saw toni and morgan and taryn and it was lots of fun. So glad that we did it! I barely ran it, but I am working my way there!

Where to find Speech Assistant Jobs

Okay Lindsey, time to realize YOURE IN THE REAL WORLD NOW. Its time to get a 9-5 job in your field, and work at it everyday for the rest of your life. Sound appealing huh?

How to write a cover Letter 

Found a few jobs to apply to like South Bay Mental Health, where Toni works. Early Intervention and home visits, everything I wanted in a job.

How to write a two weeks notice. 

Time to quit Hawthorn Hill. Five years too long at a dead end job. I needed days where I had free where I could go on interviews. I was only working there fridays, so what was the point anymore. It felt so refreshing to walk out of there for the last time, however I may have to go back.


I was still looking for one more bang. This was my last summer, I wanted to travel do something, before I entered the monotony of the real world every day working.

What its like to work on a Cruise line?

Wait, why dont I just work on a cruise. I have nothing tying me down. This is the only time in my life where I would be able to pull it off. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of it. This was something I REALLY wanted.

Tips for Skype Interview

Thats right, I got an INTERVIEW. WITH Disney Cruise Lines, how awesome is THAT. I was nervous a skype interview and this is something I really want. It almost seemed like fate because the first Friday off I had, (since quitting HH) was when my interview was schedule before. If it had come a week earlier, I would not have been able to hold the interview!!!

This is where I am at right now in my life, I wanted to make one more life post until I switch over to a different kind of blog. Senior Year to Real World and all the mistakes in between. I am big right now into pintrerest, and online recipes, however all these blogs out there of the stay at home moms, who take wonderful pictures of their food, and make perfect recipes and make it sound so easy. Well its not THAT EASY. I want to start posting what its really like to make the recipes, and how they REALLY. turn out. THE REAL WORLD. THE REAL. TRUTH.

Stop this Train, I cant take the speed its moving in.


Except time wont stop. MAKE IT STOP! Won’t somebody stop this train?

I just had one of the best days at BSC in a long time. Actually has potential to be the best time ever.

Why? because it was SpringFest thats why!

But First lets Discuss April. POPS went great, and Erik, Rachel Richie and Kels came from home and everyone went out afterwords and it was great fun. Also Vavo, mom dad christine cathleen and carly were other loyal fans at my show. Meghan and Ash decorated the room for me when I got back so that was super cool/ fun. Great Room mates. Even though Meghan and I are still separated because we sleep separate because I still have not gotten my Tonsils out. ( may 30th).

Classes are going smoothly a lot of presentations coming up that I am procrastinating from so this is why I am updating my blog.

So Spring Fest was just so much fun. It was a perfect day with little to no drama and perfect weather conditions, and just the right amount of achohol, and perfect matching Tee Shirts.

Ashcow made our shirts, so we all had them. we started off in the room getting ready and then we headed over to the FH house and just watched people play dizzy bat. Heading over to LAX game and stuck around the tail gate, and then from there went to the red house, where Meghan met back up with us, and this is when the party STARTED.

Basically your typical outdoor spring fest party, beer and douche bags everywhere sloppy people falling over puking, peeing, crying, laughing. it was just… college. All details of this party can be seen in the senior video.

From there we walked to east to eat food and caused a ruckus all over campus went back to the room to REcoup, where Chris Rouse was also recouping, but I told him that he hadnt even cooped yet so there was no way he could REcoup. we headed out back to FH house, where we watched ashcow funnel her first beer, then promptly throw up afterwards. WE then headed out to some frat house of which I cant spell the name becuase I have no interest in greek life or greek letters. But it smelt like vagina, so we left and found a huge Yard house party and it was awesome. so awesome. I found a connect card in the grass and a blackberry, those were returned, and meghan stole matches for the memory. I also took it upon myself to tell all the boys not to pee on the side of the shed because there was a cop hiding out in the woods. People were peeing literally every minute. Walked to bogarts and when it for a solid three minutes, couldnt move, the floor was flooded with beer, and it was gross. Walked home and DOTTIE the freshman security guard from SHEA DURGS was in Crimson, like is that real? Meghan said that was the defintion of SHE WOULD.

I went and sat outside with Ash Pags then came back and went to bed. I cant even put into words how fun SpringFest was it was just a great memory in my college career and is it making it that much harder to leave.

Ive been thinking about lately how past three years I would count down the days to the end of the year. Couldnt wait for summer and classes to be over with. Now I want to kick myself I also want to kick underclassmen who say they cant wait for the year to be over.

Real World is not anywhere I want to be, and I have no idea what I want to too. Many of my friends from home are not graduating this year and it wil be tough to be the only one trying to be in the real world. I have two plans when I graduate, tonsils out and the color run. (which all of 351 and ash pags wil be participating in).

But it is time for bed, and this is how much of my posts end… abruptly.


So.. its April, and I dont want to talk about it. You know why? Because at the end of this month, I will have my LDOC. In College lingo that means last day of classes. hahaha. So if this month would just put its self on pause, I think it would work well for everyone. So everyone Lets not get to the end of April, because at the end of this month there is a very SCARY SCARY thing happening

That reminded me of my FAVORITE childhood book ever, called The monster at the end of this book.

Anywho, I am writing this because I am up EARLY. WHY? Because its POPS TECH WEEK. THE SHOW. IS. TOMORROW. & I havent been able to sleep all week.
This pops has been the most stressful one yet. It was so hard for me to learn my dances, and I still dont know them that well. I am such a perfectionist performer, and I HATE. when I make a mistake on stage, like the DVD will forever haunt me if I kick on 5 and everyone else is kicking on count 6.

Did I really only write in January? This semester is WHIRLING BY ME.  All of my classes have been great I cant complain.

I dropped pilates to take ballroom 2. Such a great decision. Although the class is smaller, but it is lots of fun to learn more complicated steps.

I have pops tonight and kelsey is about to arrive. So i should finish up this post. I am SO EXCITED FOR POPS cant wait to see everyone!

First Week Recap

So Here I am, my second night of work in Miles, but my techinally my fourth night of actual work and I am reflecting back on my past week!

This semester was so odd for me becuase I have some sort of new perspective on it all. Like I was excited to start classes, I didnt have that anxiety feeling, it was like it was freshman year all over and I was excited to start class.

My second day of classes was awesome. I went to ballroom dance! and SURPRISE Monika was in my class! and Kaiya ( but not for long becuase she couldnt add in but it was nice to have her there for the first day)

As Kaiya and I scanned the room we realized that there were many patners we did not want to be paired with. Such as The kid with one arm.. or the kid who I call hobbit, because hes a little tiny 4 foot gay thing who lookslike he came straight out of lord of the rings, and another little tiny man ( who is very nice but how is he supposed to turn me if he is 4 feet tall?)  So of course the first few partners we get is  those men.. hahaha or boys. So that was an expierence, the class is really fun and we learned the meringue, and this week we leanred the Waltz (which i previously learned from California dance class)  At the end of class of coure kaiya was BF’s professor and we got a ride over to her next class in her car because we had her for creative dance! hahaha! Creative dance is so fun we do so many cool activites and I love it so much!!!

This weekend Friday went to applebees to visit AShcow at work and saturday was her PARTY BUS!!

But FIRST saturday day class. What a fiasco, I have that saturday class with ash and MY ALARM DIDNT GO OFF. Now for those of you who know me, I am NOT late to class, Ash comes knocking on my door at 955, and class it at 10 am I panic put everything I can and run over. The professor was such  A WITCH, she told us we had to be mature adult learners and no excuse for being late. But then she went on to say that we will no longer be meeting on saturdays and the entire class is online YES WIN. YES YES.
Then it was Ashleys Party bus time! Today was also first BSC snowfall so we had to shovel out our cars, but I ran back got dressed and we hopped on the party bus up to Boston to go to club Guilt.  It was fun but we were over the Club pretty shortly after that. the bus took us to 711 and I had a blast doing that. hahaha. We had lots of funny quotes through out the night, and we had to walk home from hooper streeet, so that was a cold night walk and we got back right at 3 am.

Sunday was a great day because Ash and ASh and I went to REgina Russells Tea Room in Quincy to have our Tarrot cards read. I have never had anything done like this so I was very interested/ anxious.

She told me some great things and I love dher alot, I cant share it all on here but I can share the gist of what happened:

-I am going to go to grad school when I am thirty-

-I will have troubles ahead, and cry over them but not my own troubles, just crying because I take on everyone elses worries

-Someone in Richies family will be ill soon

-She beleived that I may have a gluten allergy that is attacking my immune system and this is why I am unable to fight these things off. So starting Feb first I am going to try going Gluten Free!

-My grandparents are very much with me, becuase I am open to their spirits, and i see signs from them ( so true)

-My new look on life how I have been thankful for everything that I have received lately is the reason why good things keep coming to me!

She also said I have alot of Love in my cards and she had never seen that much love, so thats cool!

Now I wait and see if it comes true!

So the next week in school was when REALITY HITS. No more FUN classes time for COMM D Lindsey!

LAnguage disorders, not my usual crew of my COMMD girls because most people took it junior year, and i missed it so I am with the younger crowd.. and hating it.

Aural Rehab with the good old ciocci master. is GOOD! Mostly becuase its my usual group and literally know every single person in class. I missed that feeling about college from high school, knowing everyone in your classes.  So its back to real work, I cant just dance all the time I guess :(

ALSO Thursday I auditioned for POPS :)

I was ticked because the kolbecks are in it. WILL THEY EVER NOT FOLLOW ME? But the audtion process was much different as a big bad senior haha. My frriends are cheorographers so I got put into their dances.

Janet Jackson- All for you

Switchfoot- Dare you to move

Snoop- Drop it like its hawtttt

Senior closing song is time of my life, AWESOME and senior opening song is PARTY ROCK WHOOOT.

So I am looking forward to the next pops (tomorrow)!

Fun weekend ahead, Richie is visiting!

Also I got Jay Leno tickets for California!! ahahaha! I am so excited! I hope it works out, we will figure it out!

More Great news: Pam is having  A BOY!

Morer Great news: I got an A- in my winter class!!!


WOW. So I can’t believe that I havent posted since, the beginning of the semester last year. But when I look back on my semester I understand why I didn’t. I used to be such a good little blogger.

So, Here I am second night of work on this semester and realizing that I have not seen my boss since Fall of 2010, isn’t this a crazy job?

So Second semester has begun and I started my first day of classes. I had one class and it was dance appreciation.. OHH SENIOR YEAR IS SO TOUGH. But before I begin this semester obviously need to rewind to last semester.


We went out a bunch at the beginning of the semester, and that was lots of fun, but then the work loaded on, and that didn’t happen any longer. Funny thing is I got a boyfriend this semester, something I never thought would happen…hahaha. His name is Corey, we got to know each other through frank, and going out on thursdays.- Also became friends with Ari again so we all are a bit happier.- She is currently doing the Disney Internship program! Go her!!!

In October I got strep throat, so that was pretty rough. Missed some stuff. My throat never healed and exactly a month later. BAM Diagnosed with MONO, I was home for two weeks, missed thanksgiving, made a trip to the ER found out I Was allergic to rosefyn, or however it is spelled, never been sicker in my life, Didnt eat for one week, and lost around 15 pounds.

Finals were rough, thought I was gonna fail Bio PASSED WITH A C. HOW NUTS. Made some new great friends, Kaiya and I became so close, because we were in THREE  COMD classes together.

Here is my schedule for this semester P.S I took a winter online course, turns out it wasnt as bad as I thought.

Latin American People/Culture- Online except for four saturdays out of the month

Dance Appreciation- Should be nice

Language Disorders in Children- An Actual real class

Aural Rehabilitation- Another actual real class, supposed to be hard

Creative Dance I- can’t wait

Ballroom Dance (Women)- 1 credit

Pilates- 1 credit

Movement Relaxation- 1 credit

So you may be wondering what is up with this schedule but My California Credits aren’t transferring properly SO THEREFOR, I may not graduate on time, and I am trying to bulk up on as many classes as I can because it is really important to me to graduate in May with my fellow class mates :)

I need to find out soon what is going on with that, but it is very hard for me to face the truth or not.

I have a new found excitement for this semester, I am excited for all my classes. I dont think I Am realizing the work load or the fact that I am taking two COMD classes,  I keep thinking its gonna be a breeze, but thats not the case.. haha I will be dissapointed when I come to the realization.

POPS dance starts tomorrow, and I can’t WAIT! Since I missed junior year, this will be great. Nervous for try outs, why? who knows?

Still living with the same room mates, and were getting along great.

Heres the realization that its Senior Year. A majority of my friends have been applying to grad school/ taking GRE’s, other stuff like that. I am choosing to put off Grad School. Mostly because I dont think I will get in. I am really hoping I dont regret this later in life and have to be one of those mom students that I see in my classes.

Also, Meghan and Ash have INTERNSHIPS! ASH will be very busy this semester with internships and she is also taking on a job! Working! Meghan internships will be on weekends so I am nervous I will see her very little. this Weekend I will be savoring because it will probably be the only weekend she’s at school.

This weekend Ash is going to have a party bus, but people are already backing out so I am nervous for her, I hope it all works out, it should be alot of fun.

I actually have FUN plans this spring break. I am going BACK TO CALIFORNIA :) Flying into LA ! with morgan!!! Meeting up with Monica, and spending the rest of the week in Monterey. Absolute HEAVEN!

Jay is on Sea-term at MMA and I miss him lots, but he will be home in February!

Pam is pregnant and is due in June!!!! CAN’T WAIT!

SO overall I have a really positive outlook on this semester and I am going to cherish every second, LIKE ITS MY LAST ( I really HOPE it is)

Slowly realizing that his break was my last break almost ever. no more summer vacations or winter vacations in-less I work in the school system, which I am hoping for!  Real World is coming frighteningly closer by the day hour minute seconds!!!

Cheers to Senior Year

First week of Senior year. COMPLETED. Today is wednesday (if were getting techinical its actually thursday) BUT.

I DID IT! Made it through the first week of classes, I would have liked to blog much sooner, but I did not ;(

Now I have a whole weeks WORTH! of Blogging.

First I will start with suite 351. Meggy MOO is my room mate for the first time in our college career even though we have basically lived together since we were freshman. Ash and Steph live in the other double, and they have lived in suite 351 previously, this will be their third year. Meghan also lived in 351 last year so I am the only newbie!

My schedule this year kinda really sucks: It goes like this:

Mondays: -I actually enjoy my mondays, and my lab isnt too bad so far, however my biology class is horrible, the professor  has an russian accent, and I am sanwhiched between two DHS people after expressing how excited I was to go to a class outside my major where I could meet new people, I end up at DHS.

Biology 11:15- 12:05
Bio Lab 1:50-3:40

Tuesdays:  These arent so bad either, my clinical is with Dr. Miller, who is also my advisor,and I have had her like a thousand times.

Developmental Psych- 11-12:15
Clinical Procedures 2-4:40

Wednesdays: HORRILBE. I have a huge break in which I wait around all day, waste the day away waiting for my night class, which then I have to sit through the night for. My neurology class is ALSO with Dr. Miller

Biology 11:15- 12:05
Neuorology 4:45-725

Thursdays:  I am enjoying my audiology class so far, and its with a professor that I havetn had before and my developmental pysch professor isnt too bad, its just a long class.

Developmental Psych- 11-12:15
Audiology 4:45-7:25

Fridays: Usually by the time I am really sick of going to this class so much, I hate going three times a week for 55 minutes, and I cant tell if its conveint only having this class on friday, or highly incovient, but the rest of the semester will decide that for me.

Biology 11:15- 12:05

Just typing my schedule was exhausting, an hour an 21 minutes left of this god awful shift.

So the first few days back at BSC all it did was rain, and that was really depressing, they canceled the Boyden cookout, which is ONE OF MY FAVORITE BSC THINGS EVER. Freshman year I remember saying wow I cant wait till I am senior, and I come to this and know everybody. I was really upset it was canceled. Still not over it.

The suite is coming along and we are finally decorating it, and putting together, me and meghans room however is a different story, were being kinda lazy and were still working on it.

We have been really hooked on watching American Dreams, a show I got on DVD but watied for until I lived with Meghan so we could watch together becuase I knew she would love it, and SHE DOES :)

Were adjusting to life at BSC just like all the rest of the freshman, It seems like the school is very over populated this year, maybe its because people havent gotten into the routines of things, but Crimson the dining hall is always really crowded, hard to find a table, and backed up.

Meghan, and I went out last week for my first thursday expierence at bridgewater. WE went to Mee-king with Chelsea, Mike, Frankie Ashley, Sheldon, Corey. It was fun I had my first scorpion bowl, and then we went to BOGARTS AFTER. Bogarts is a bar that is basically on campus it is so close, and EVERYONE talks about BOGARTS. I was so happy to FINALLY be able to go since this is my first time being in bridgewater as a legal achohol drinker :) and I was DISSAPOINTED! HAHAHA! WAsnt anything really special, and I find things never compare to downtown.

This is all I have the patience for, Monday night hopefully I can get some more serious blogging in. But today is officially thursday! Going out tonight. CHEERS TO SENIOR YEAR.

Seniors 1-2 What it do?

Imade up that title, class saying all by myself today, pretty proud of it, 1,2 what it do!

I’ve got a case of the back to school Blues.

I have realized  how much I myself enjoyed my California Blog, and how others enjoyed it so and I felt a real void in my life, not blogging everyday so I thought to myself what could I do?

I could make a new Blog, but what would it be about? This decision was easy.

Rewind Freshman Year. First Day. It was almost like a broken record “Its going to go by so fast” “Blink and you’ll be graduating” “Before you even know if you will be a Senior”

Fast Forward: Play: Its my Senior year, and I am freaking out a little bit. Time does go by fast. WHY? Nobody knows, time is a very hard thing to grasp. As I sit here at work at my 11-3 am shift, feels like the shift has been three years already. But why does my BSC experience feel like 3 seconds?

I really want to remember everything about this crazy experience. Everything about this year will be different, its happening for the last time. I am opening a new chapter into my life very soon. I may or may not be applying to Grad School, my class load is heavier than its ever been in years past, and my stress level is through the roof.

Three once a week classes, and two of those being at night. Which means Lindsey spending 2 hours and fourty minutes inside, learning, at night, doesnt make me happy. On top the 11-3 am shifts, I have twice a week in Crimson and Miles. All of this will equal a recipe for an interesting semester.