Pumpkin Blankets

So If you remember , I made these before, and they were BOMB.

Apples in a Blanket

So simple so Easy, But as I said I wanted to try pumpkin.. so I saw something on pinterest that wasn’t an actual recipe that said mix pumpkin and cream cheese.

So I grabbed my four year old cousin and we began baking. I mixed One can of pumpkin, and 3/4 bar of cream cheese. I also had two cans of pillsbury rolls.

Right off the bat I could tell it was too much filling. Just like the apple ones, so you could really double the tubes of  crescent rolls and buy 4.

It also…didn’t taste good. So I had some brown sugar, some white sugar, some cinnamon, some nutmeg.. was not improving, then  I added more brown sugar. I realized, it was as good as it was going to get, began putting a spoonful on each roll, rolled them, then handed them to my cousin who rolled them in cinnamon and sugar. She was making them quick “for all her customers.”

I baked them and when they came out they looked tasty. Now, they were alright. And there were none left over after the party, but they just weren’t GREAT. Like the apples. I decided that next time skip the cream cheese. It would taste much better. My aunt said she would like them for breakfast. They were tasty but not pumpkiny tasty. So although they passed family inspection ( I was even asked for the recipe) By my standards it was a …


Circus Animal Cookie Truffles

I have been wanting to make this recipe for a long long time.


I went to stop and shop and they didn’t have the cookies… um what?

So I went to target the next day, and got the target brand. The whole time I kept thinking you know its very strange that the only ingredients were cream cheese and crackers. I just didn’t think plain cream cheese was right, but I forgot to double check again before I made the cookies.

I didn’t feel like doing a lot of dishes, so I crushed the crackers with a hammer in a bag rather than in a ziploc.

Mixed the plain cream cheese rolled them up and freezed them.

Pulled out my almond bark, which Ive never used before, and melted it. It came out like crap… I kept having to add oil. It was very chunky and made messy cookies. ugly too.

So once I let the chocolate set, I tasted them, and yep, they tasted like, cream cheese. I checked back the recipe. and it says CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. hahahahaaha. But they aren’t really THAT bad. But could be so much better.

Overall I would call them a Success Fail.

I gave them to my brothers friends and they devoured them in three seconds. So I guess they were good enough!

Lemon Crinkle Cookies.

Lemon Kick.

Because its Summer. Everything should be made of lemons, and unicorns and jelly beans, Lets start with lemons though.

So when I saw the picture of this cookie on Pinterest, I was could just TASTE it in my mouth, I was like, I bet I know exactly how that tastes, and its delish.

Lemon Crinkle Cookies 

I was attracted to this recipe because it said it was Pinterest’s Best Cookie, I mean you can never believe it but judging by this picture it had serious potential.

So I made the dough, and then took it over to my friends to bake because again this was another Tuesday Night Dinner Dessert.

I made it according to the decorations rolled into balls, and rolled into powdered sugar. Except for the lemon juice, I squeezed too much and added about a tablespoon and a half.

The first weird part is that I only filled one pan, granted my cookie pan is large, but with any other recipe I have made before, it has NEVER all fit on one pan.

When I took them out of the oven my crinkly cookies. WERE NOT CRINKLY. They looked like round sugar cookies, without a CRINKLE to them.

The powdered sugar clumped in some parts so just made the cookie looked like I hadn’t mixed it all the way in the other parts.

So then the taste testing. Who cares if they didn’t look right just matters how they taste. … DISAPPOINTING. WHERE WAS THE LEMON? They tasted exactly like a sugar cookie, but no lemon taste. Sometimes a very faint one, but nothing even to write home about.

How could that be especially when I put in MORE lemon than what it called for. It was so disappointing. great sugar cookie, but not a great “Lemon Crinkly Cookie”. Overall the recipe didn’t make enough cookies and it do anything it said it would crinkle, or taste like lemon. so


This one wasn’t even cool…Orange Chicken

So I saw this recipe, and I really wanted to try it. It looked like chicken you would get at a Chinese Restaurant. My parents were going on Vacation and I knew I would be in charge of dinners, a slow cooker recipe. This was perfect! I could go to work and my dinner would be cooking for me all day at home.

So the night before I fried the chicken and made the marinade according to the recipe. That way when I was at work I could tell my brother in the morning just to throw in chicken and marinade.

When I got home I was so excited to try this orange chicken recipe and was hoping it would be something my brother would love…

Orange Chicken

well. IT WASNT.

First of all, the recipe says 5-6 hours. The chicken was in for a solid five. The edges were black, and the chicken that had been touching the sides burnt. The color was a dark dark orange. And It looked like stew, made in soup. When we tried it, my brother was convinced it was not chicken, but pork. I assured him it was chicken, even though I began to doubt it too. The chicken kinda fell apart when you ate in a sort of good way I guess? But it was really hard, and marinade wasn’t very good. My brother who eats everything, didn’t finish it, and then made himself an Ellios Pizza. I made white rice to go along with the meal which took 25 minutes to make in the microwave. I get anxiety letting the microwave run that long for some reason and the whole time was wishing I just had a rice cooker. I had lots of left over rice, and it was the only good part of the meal. Then as I was putting away the rice, I dropped it all over the floor. So the entire meal. was a failure.

This is what it came out looking like…


yummy Right?… no. dog food.

The burnt remnants.

Orange Chicken..not recommended.



Yes, I am crazy, and Yes, I think I have a problem-S’mores inside a cookie

I just have the BIGGEST sweet tooth in the WORLD. I LOVE SWEETS. Its amazing I never had a cavity up until my last Drs. Visit. ( which I was really upset I foiled my 22 years clean of cavity record). Not my fault though its like under my cealance.

ANYWHO, I had this weird idea to put a Smore inside a Choco chip cookie. Easy enough right? The kids, they would love it too.

So we did it, bought choco chip dough, cuz I just wasn’t in the mood to make my own. We then began to assemble s’mores on top of cookie dough, and then tried to wrap the cookie dough around. This was no easy task. And the Cookies came out larger than my hands.

We baked them, and they came out kinda strange, then ate them right out of the oven, and they were pretty good! Chocolate and marshmallow as all ooey-goeey- oozy. But I got an immediate belly ache from eating these, for two days, so maybe it wasnt the cookies, or maybe it was the fact that I hadnt eaten anything that fatty in a while. (thats gone out the window now). But whenever I look at these cookies, I feel gross.

They are only good if you eat them right out of the oven, the next day they just dont have the same appeal, and they were too large and hard to put together, I would call this one a half fail, or half success if you are one of those look at the glass half full people.


J.T. did love it though.. and so did his mom


Balloon Bowls- Cute, Fun and most of all Yummy!

… Thats what I thought when I saw this picture. If you dont know already I babysitt three children the ages of 12, 9, 7. The solution to entertain them most of the time for me is baking. I enjoy it, and they are kinda of into it, so it sort of works out.

When I saw these on pintrerest I was like oMIGOD. The youngest boy would love popping these balloons, and the oldest girl would love to help me make them.

So I used chocolate chips semi sweet and little bit of vegtable oil and threw in the microwave to melt. I am sure thats not proper but its the way I do it. I then made disks on wax paper, and began blowing up the balloons and dipping it into the chocolate.

I am not a perfectionist, and I cant ever do things perfect but I thought this would be pretty easy, however they turned out hORRID.


This is how they would look if a normal person, Like myself did them. hahahaha.

So the choocolate never set and we had to put it in the fridge, wasn’t sure if it was the oil or what. So when we took them out, the children has a blast popping them! But the bottom of balloon stuck to the chocolate, choking hazard, and was hard to get out. Im sure it would of been better if we covered them with non stick spray or something. By the time we got to the third balloon they were melting so the chocolate on the edges would wither and curl. the tops werent strong enough to make the bowl, and we got holes in the bottom.

Overall was not an success but I am sure if we tried them again I could do them a bit better. but most important they were yummy!

Good Idea…in Theory

So I have a lot of Kale in my garden, and I love kale and wanted new ways to eat it. So I looked for pinned recipes to try. Found a bunch! I wanted kale as a side dish for a grilled chicken meal I was making for My brother and his friend who are staying with me while my parents are away in MI.

I love the fact that I can just walk out to the garden, and get kale.

So I made this:

Simple Kale 

I chopped my onions tighter, used more garlic, because I love garlic. And had to use water because I had no vegetable broth. I didn’t use any lemon, I wanted an all kale taste baby. And you know what, this recipe wasn’t all to hard at all! It actually turned out looking like this:

But then I got a not so brilliant idea.  To then make these,

Spinach Burgers 

But I would replace the spinach with my freshly cooked kale! Brilliant I thought! What could go wrong-… oh maybe everything.  I had all the ingredients on hand and made the patties as the recipe said but just went easy on the red pepper flakes becuase I am not a spicy girl at all. So the patties formed well as I loaded them into my pan. but THEN. they began to burn, break apart, and become a huge huge mess.

I am guessing that it was the oil that I used to cook the Kale in made the kale not the right consistency to be used in the burgers. Only half of the patties got cooked, and when I say cooked I mean burnt. But it didnt stop me nor my cousin from picking at them and finishing them off.

So all and all, I will cook Kale again, because I enjoyed it as a side dish, but next time I will skip subbing the kale for spinach in these crazy spinach burgers.