My totally awesome 90’s party!

This year I was turning 25. I wanted to do something fun and different. Since I am always head of the party curve I decided to throw a 90’s party. Not many of them have been thrown, it’s all about the 80’s right now, but pretty soon everyone will follow suit with a good 90’s party. This means I had to come up with my own decorations. I googled and pinterested everything 90’s I could, and there isn’t much out there!! (and yes I planned my own party because I have control issues)

Since I was born in 1990 it is the first decade I have lived all the way through. So the 90s  memorabilia was different from maybe what other 90’s memorabilia someone may have. It was a greater portion of my childhood the 90s, and when people arrived at the party I wanted them to feel like they stepped back into their childhood. Most of the things I had were children centered.

First thing to throwing a party is WHERE?  I went on and found a house that was reasonably priced and was willing to let me host a party. (hard to find). It was on Cape Cod so it was the off-season; I thought it would be nice to people to be able to get away for the weekend. I calculated how many people would go, and then divided that number by the price, it came out to 30 $ per person per night. Can’t be beat!

I read all those buzzfeed articles about 90s toys, 90s clothes. The first step I took was to go through my own things,  I found my 90’s beanie babies collection. SCORE! I picked a few because I couldn’t possibly bring them all. I found an old polly pocket J. My happiest find was old NSYNC magazine clippings I once had taped to my wall. Next step was to raid friend’s attics. My best friends grandmother had a WORKING furby. Along with Toss across, twister, nickelodeon magazine, and a stuffed pickachu. One of my friends had a working bop it!


Next step was to turn to Ebay for the things I couldn’t find around. I purchased so many little cheap things, Floppy Disk’s for coasters. I bought toys on eBay that I couldn’t find in my closet or friends, sky dancers! Extra posters, I needed some Brittney Spears and some more NSYNC. Those pesky pogs that nobody knew what to do with! I also bought cassette tapes that I made decorations with.


Can you see the banner in this picture? Also a few small 90s images.

To make cassette tape decoration I used neon spray paint I had hanging around my house, the kind dads use for construction things. I spray painted them different colors and then strung them on a string I made a few to put around the house, it was super simple!

I also had a few purchases to make from Michaels. One essential, fuzzy posters. I had them hanging around the house so people could color them at their leisure. This was a hit. I also bought gel pens and blank cards so people could make me birthday cards with gel pens :). also! some 90s feel temporary tattoos


Amazon- I purchased a few things from amazon such as neon table clothes, neon plastic ware, and neon happy birthday napkins. I also found a pound of warheads from there too! (Anyone want a warhead? I few hundred left over)

To make my 90’s photobooth I had purchased 90’s fabric from Etsy. I had my friend who is a graphic designer make silly signs people could hold up. They said things like ” Hit me baby one more time,” “Getting jiggy with it,” ” Alll that” “Boo ya” Other various funny signs. I set up my camera on tri-pod to make it really authentic, the pictures came out so funny, and it made it easy to set a self timer and to get everyone in the booth.


I printed a few images from online to have little touches around the house, an imagine that said I love the 90’s and the bayside tigers image from Saved by the Bell.z,


I went through old photo albums and found pictures of me from the 90’s. I tried to find the most ridiculous ones. I matted them with neon paper. I use the di-cut machine at work and cut out letters that said ” The 90’s were good to me.” This was a fun personal touch to have!


I had old dry erase boards laying around the house and found an old easel. I bought colored expo markers. We played the old game “M.A.S.H.” on it all weekend. We also used it for 90’s trivia, I got the questions for it here.


Party favors: Again Ebay killed it with this. I bought in bulk Tie-dye snap bracelets and press on earrings. Everybody had press on earrings as a kid. This was a fun thing to wear during the party and I let them take them home!

The T.V. the entire weekend never played anything but the 90’s. I really wanted people to feel like they were truly in the 90’s. We watched early seasons of boy meets world, Mrs. Doubtfire, Free Willy, Matilida and Shawshank redemption.

As for the music, I googled every article about good 90s music and spent hours downloading songs onto my Ipod, the playlist when it was finished was 5 and half hours. Its a crucial part of the 90s atmosphere.

I made sure that my party had a hash tag, to be used for any pics posted for the weekend and that made it all the more fun! Check it out #lindseys90s25th

The food: I had warheads, ring pops (purchased at Sams) capri suns! Who knew that capri sun would be so good with vodka. I wanted dunk aroos but they were impossible to find, and I dont think that pinterest dip tastes anything like it.


The cake: this recipe is literally from Nickleodeon magazine.


Savers: Killed it. Even though it was from 2000 you know I actually found a BOXED J.C. Chaze no strings attached doll? The VHS were 99 cent each, and buy 5 get one free. I used the VHS for decoration because the house didn’t have VHS player. 11035502_10203854300698304_4010608610486538750_nThe biggest requirement of all for a 90’s party is ensuring that everyone dresses 90s. This was without a doubt the best part!! I bought most of my clothes from savers. I found socks with lace around the ankle at payless. I found jelly shoes on ebay and I regret every buying from this company. Horrible customer service. I found my scrunchies and butterfly clips on ebay as well.

Overall this was an amazing party and I know we will be talking about it for years to come!


Cookies and Cocktails

This was the name of my last event. Cookies and Cocktails. Here is the invite I sent out to everyone via FB:

So heres the deal, does anyone actually ever get to use all those recipes you PIN? NOW YA DO. This party idea came to me like a dream.

The concept is sort of based off of a Cookie Swap. Back in the day my family and I would make dozens of cookies and bring them for the family, We would all swap a dozen and come home with 8 do

zen cookies of what everyone else made. It was great fun.So why dont we try it out? on a much smaller scale. So the cookie swap will consist of everyone bringing 2 dozen cookies, this way you can swap a few cookies with everyone else this way your coming with a VARIETY of 2 dozen cookies. (if we dont eat them all at the party).SECOND PART: COCKTAILS. We’re getting older, time to explore more than just the sprite and flavored vodka. haha. There is a whole world out there of cocktails we have never tried. So find a cool cocktail recipe online make a pitcher of it, and bring it! If everyone brings a pitcher we will have a grand old time. Sipping and trying everyones concoctions!
I really wanted to make really great cookies and I thought long and hard about this decision. I decided on my classic Peppermint Cookies and also decided to take on Girl Scout Caramel Delights. Those cookies have quite a few steps but I had some time.
For the cocktail I knew it had to be blue, I love blue drinks. I found a variety of recipes online but decided to combine my own together.
I picked up a few little things at Michael’s because I wanted to make prizes. I got one dollar glitter crowns and used stickers I already had at home. I got a sugar cookie scented candle for the winner of best cookie, and then I soaked gummy bears in vodka. I thought it would be fun for people to have something to wear to show off their wins. haha.
I also was given flip flop drink charms because I used to be OBSESSED with flip flops. I got stickers and stuck everyones initials on the back of the drink charms with the help of Audrey and Amy. I then took the scrapbook paper I bought at Michaels and made name cards, to for each person who was coming. This way they could place their name on the cookies and cocktails they made so it would be easy when it came down to voting.
For voting I wrapped a box with wrapping paper and cut a hole in it for the ballot box, Cut scrapbook paper for the ballots. I made a list of the participants, and put it on a clipboard so I could easily tally when it came to the votes. When I throw a party I try to imagine everything that will be needed at the party so I dont spend the whole night running around for things. Example: a bucket of sweatshirts if I am having a party outside (someone always needs a sweatshirt). If I plan on playing games I have everything set. and ready to go. Just makes it more pleasant to be a party host!
My cookies I made were Caramel Delights and Peppermint Cookies. I was excited to see what everyone would bring. It was funny that it forced my non-baker friends to bake. One of my friends said ” I can’t believe you like to do this, it gives me so much anxiety” Other friends were very impressed with themselves that they were able to make something from scratch.
Here is the lay out of the cookie table: How delicious do all of these look?!
 My friend made so many different cookies. Like the non domestic Ash Pags who bought pre made cookies and filled them with frosting (caught ya). Brielle who frosted and decorated Oreos Halloween Style. Shannon who made the Pinterest S’more cookies. Ashcow some sort of sprinkly fudgey goodness. Toni, authentic Pizelli’s, because her mother owns a Pizelli iron. Erik had someone made tasty chocolate covered sugar cookies, and bertha cooked premade cooke dough (caught you too). Kels who made cup cookies peanut butter and chocolate chocolate, Sarah Andes Choco Mint Cookies, Ariana nutella cookies Morgan “dark and stormy” spice cookies with real rum in them and they WON best cookie. They were really tasty, and my personal fav just because I could see how much effort was put into them, Monika’s Pinata Cookie. These things were amazing, so I asked her to send me pics of them. They made noise when you shook them, I mean CMON and look a the color and THE BOWS! Bravo Monika, Bravo.
Cocktails were another great adventure. We called mine Slime, or Blue Lagoon, but we had so much of it, it was strong but tasty, and I froze the rest. It made a huge cocktail. Erik made some arnold palmer mix, that was delish. Ariana a cranberry margarita, Toni and winter sangria with cranberries and figs and other sautéed winter fruits. Ashcow made this delish Thin mint cookie martini that she mixed right there for us. IT was to DIE for. Bertha made apple cider and rum, ( I always love that) and Sarah made Love potion, which was vodka sherbert lemonade, it was yummy and won best cocktail! ( I think I am forgetting some).
I started my classic Cereal Box game, which is wear you have to pick up the cereal box with just your mouth, only having your feet on the ground, your arms, knees anything else can not touch. As the game progresses I cut the cereal box and make it shorter and harder.
Then we decided it was WAY to friggin hot in the basement so we moved out to the deck. A Deck party with Twinkle lights on October 5th, Can you believe it? I definitely did not mind.  Outside we played a humming game where I make team members stand far away from each other and when I scream go run and hum to their other team mate while the team mate tries to guess. It was hilarious.
Me with a crown too:
Byt the next day I ended up with so many cookies-so many cocktails left over, and it was so fun to see all my college friends again, make people step out of their comfort zone and throw together. We had a blast hanging out on the deck and enjoying cocktails.

Apple Cider Party Punch

I looked far and wide for a decent punch recipe for my Nail Party, I finally found one, I once again remember how to make it but cant find the actual recipe I actually used.

Here are the ingredients

  • Six Cups of Apple Cider
  • 2 Cups of Orange Juice
  • One bottle of sparkling grape juice ( you could use sparkling wine) 750 ML
  • 1/2 cup of Lemon Juice

To save money I bought the frozen orange juice concentrate and used that instead. Also one gallon of cider works, ( for those who can’t convert cups- gallons-pints-ounces like me).

Pretty simple add all the ingredients together and you got your self a FALL CIDER PUNCH!

I didn’t get a picture of this I apologize, but it looks like punch.



Fall Party

So if you keep updated- you’ve realized I was having a Jam-berry Nails Party ( if you dont know what those are google them, they are super fun and easy to apply way better than actually painting your nails).

I made almost All fall desserts and really wanted them to look nice on the table. The party was on September 21st, the last official day of summer so I figured a fall themed party would be a nice way to welcome fall the right way. It was easy to decorate for the party because my mother LOVES leaves, and you know when someone loves something people but them a surplus of that item. So we have lots of leaves dishes. I bought two dishes from the target dollar Aisle. (thanks target once again, helping my unhealthy obsession). I also bought fake leaves there too for a dollar. Can’t forget the fall paper ware, it was modern not like the tacky leaves kind. Also one dollar. Headed over to Walmart (eww) and got an apple cider candle. My mom also had a pretty fake fall bouquet, so everything was falling into place nicely. Stop and shop had a pretty gold leaf charger I picked up for three bucks.

My baby cousins help me set up the party, and it came out so cute, I threw the candle into a vase, which made it look elegant, and arranged the leaves around the table. I had just bought a paper pack from Michael’s using 50 % off coupon. For those who don’t know EVERY week Michael’s has either 40 % or 50 % coupon for any regular priced item. You can print it weekly, and its just AWESOME! I used the paper pack to quickly make little labels for all my crazy desserts, because people ask all night “what is this?”.

Here is the lay out of all my wonderful food- with the pictures and links to the recipes!






Apples in a Blanket



Oreo Brittle






Lemon Lime Truffles 


Stuffed Cinnamon Buns